Creating midi files.

When creating your own beats as midi files what is the typical length of that beat. For example is it 2, 4 or 8 measures long. Or is it based on midi events. Are you limited? I’ve succesfully transfered some beats from my Yamaha workstation but sometimes I will get an error saying to many midi events. I may have transferred other events besides the drums notes. Not sure. Seems that 4 or 8 measures would be ideal so that you can have a little variation on the
hi hat or something of that nature. Any thoughts on this.

I mentioned the following in another post.

A midi loop must be less than 500 notes (that may even me events).

The Intro plays only once and can be any length.
The main loops again any length, the longer, the more realistic it will sound. 1 bar would be very robotic, most of the BB’s are 4 and 8 bars.
Fills - I would assume any length, or though most fills are 1-2 bars, all the BB’s fills are 1 bar. Fills of 1 bar length are easier to time. Not tested this as I have no need for fills longer than that.
Transitions - These are just like fills, so 1 bar, you can have more however as someone reported here, to have a 2 bar transition playing fully you need to hold the pedal down for the full duration.
Outros - These again are like fills and could be any length however 1 bar is easier with timing

TIP: When I created a beat for the BeatBuddy I first imported some of the stock beats to see how they were set up.

Exactly, I’ve been moving towards 4 measures, with some variation. More than hat or crashes. Some swing beats, or skipped beats can work. If it’s a subtle variation it doesn’t matter much when it hits the song. Also can let the overall pattern get more complex where song intensity increases.