Creating my Setup

Hi all! I’ve been using BeatBuddy for a few months at most of my gigs and I love it! Right now I’m looking to expand my setup to include a looper and guitar fx. I wanted the Aeros, but it’s a little out of $$ range right now, also I’m new to looping so I chose something simpler like RC5.

A few questions I have:

  1. do they connect via midi cable? I’ve read everything I can find both here and elsewhere on the web about syncing them, but I’m still a bit confused about what hardware and software exactly is needed and how to make it all work together at a live gig.

  2. Do I have to pre-program everything or can I wing it a little bit on stage? I often like to change things up and not be too locked down into how fast or slow or what rhythm I play songs, but that can take a minute, probably even longer when more elements are involved.

  3. Can I connect a laptop to control tempo and select songs on stage, and what software is used for that?

  4. In what order do I connect the pedals?

For context, what I have now is the simplest setup: just the Beatbuddy, guitar and mic. No frills.

If I add an FX pedal for the guitar, my best guess is that feeds into the looper, which goes to the mixer, while the beatbuddy (which I want no FX on) feeds the mixer separately (?) but then how do I sync the tempo? Basically; how do I arrange so that the Beatbuddy leads the tempo (master) and is not affected by FX?
I hope the questions are clear, and I’d love to get some insight from some more seasoned loopers & beatbuddy users :relaxed:

Guitar → FX Pedal → Looper ->Amp/Mixer?PA
Beatbuddy Out → Mixer/PA (separate channel to guitar)
BeatbuddyMIDI out → Looper MIDI in

Generally you would set the Beatbuddy to be the MIDI master, but it can also work with the looper as midi master. However, I’ll leave it to other users to make any looper recommendations, as some appear to work well and others don’t, and I have no practical experience of loopers.