Creating One Press Songs

Is there a quick way to convert regular Beat Buddy songs into One Press songs?

Can it be done? Yes, if you have a DAW. Can it be done easily? Probably not.
Although the audio quality of the default drums is very good, the process of stitching together all of the song sections would take some effort to do it properly.

I’m curious as to to why you would want to do so.

It might be easier to transcribe the drums from scratch for the song you want from the MIDI source file.

I find it quite difficult to control transitions while also controlling my guitar rig and harmonizer. Seems everything always has to be done at the same time. Too many button presses!

So, I had already created a few songs when I got my Beat Buddy last week, but was hoping I could convert them.

I’m getting frustrated that every ‘solution’ involves using a third party DAW ( which I do have). At first I thought I could just add midi control to the song sections…but can’t do that really easily either.

I love the Beat Buddy. Sounds great and is really cool, but some songs just need to go from start to finish. Yes, others I want the flexibility of choosing when to have a fill and to transition.

I’m thinking I may have to just create some songs in Logic and use them from my iPad.

This just isn’t as simple as I’d expected.

Thanks for your reply. I truely appreciate it!

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Why not just use a loop pedal to record and save your beats? Boss RC3 loop pedal has 99 open presets that you can save to and call up at anytime.

Maximum saved time on the RC3 is 3 hours. That would be less than 2 minutes per song using the 99 slots. The BB has no real limitation of song length. 99 folders x 99 songs.

@Gmptoons - Persist’s suggestion or transcribing the drums from midi is quite effective. We have, I believe, 2000 or so songs in Resources. We’re pretty good about responding to requests to make one press songs, if we can find a midi source, or if we want to work one up from scratch. But yeah, stringing together the Beat Buddy songs (I guess you mean the Premium Library songs) into a full tune, can be a difficult process. If you are talking about your own original material, I find it relatively easy to do using a third party DAW, adn yes, that is the only realistic way of doing it.