Creating OPB songs

Is there any info on how to create OPB in BB.
While I like the flexibility of using the fills and transitions, sometimes, that is just too many buttons/pedals to press which detracts from my keyboard playing.

I have been using BB Mgr editor but can’t imaging manually writing a 3 or 4 min song in that fashion.

I do not have a DAW, so if that is the option, need recommendation to take beats, fills, transitions from BB and organize perhaps in some DAW drum software, then bring back into BB.

Do you have a Mac? I have successfully used Garage Band to arrange and combine Midi sections.

It a lot of drag and drop/copy paste type stuff. I’ve created a couple full “DOP” tracks, but more frequently I’ll combine certain parts to minimize tap-dancing while maximizing creativity. For example

If the premium song has:
1: Verse (Fill/Transition)
2: Prechorus (Fill Transition)
3: chorus (Fill/Transtion)
4: Verse (Fill/Transition)
5: Prechorus (Fill Transition)
6: Chorus (Fill/Transtion)
7: Solo
9: Verse (Fill/Transition)
9: Prechorus (Fill Transition)
10: Chorus (Fill/Transtion)

I’ll often simplify that to:
1: Verse Beat/Loop Setup
2: Verse, Pre & Chorus with fills and transitions all in 1 midi part (repeat for second verse)
3: Solo (Jam Out)
4: Verse, Pre & Chorus with fills and transitions all in 1 midi part (for third verse)

I found this useful for more complex/tap-dancey songs, and most any DAW should be able to accommodate the workflow.

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Thx, only garage band is on my iPad. I use a Windows laptop but will follow your framework once I can find a DAW that is fairly straight forward to use.