Creating Rhythms in Studio One and Then Importing into BeatBuddy?

I would like to create midi drum rhythms in Studio One and then import into Beatbuddy. I believe the formats are different. Does anyone know a way to do this?

Hi David,
I edit midi drum tracks which I import into SO and edit them because I like the Midi editor of RO for doing the “rough” things (cut out parts,…) then RKlick on the drum Midi Part -> Event Export .mid. and then with the Beatbuddy Manager connect BB to PC with USB. Then 1. Open Project 2. Add a new Song 3. Name it 4. Import the .mid File from RO. e.g as Main Part. 5. Doing the “fine” things in the BBMangr Midi Editor ( Quantization,…levels ,…) 6. Synch Project. Finish.
Regards Habo

Thanks Habo! That was very helpful. Cheers, David