Creating songs with LPX

Hi all
I’m trying, with Logic Pro X, to create noon files for my Beatbuddy.
I would like to create Echoes of Pink Floyd step by step. (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Solo…)
But, I don’t know how to convert the different tracks (LPX) to get a good result.
Thank you.

Hi, C_Flop. Not knowing how you are going about this makes it harder to offer you any advice. Although there are several Logic Pro X tutorials by Phil_Flood available here on the forum, depending on what you want and how you want to do it, this will determine the best way ahead. Keep in mind that the majority of the advice we can offer is based on one-press songs.

Also, you picked a pretty challenging song (especially the Live in Pompeii version) to work from as it has several tempo changes up and down. The BPM in the source file I found varies by about 10 BPM throughout the song.

Are you trying to create the song from scratch, using sheet music, or are you using a MIDI source file?
Do you want bass or other instrumentation (keys)?

Thanh you Persist for your advices.
In first I will see tutorials.
I know this song has not easy.
There’s already a .mid file, but it’s in one part. (echoesbbsegjamedit2temp.mid)
What I would like is to have all the independent parties.
That way, I can make my arrangements for the Pompeï or Gdansk versions from the studio version.
As in the version mentioned above I wish the organ/piano/bass.
I try to cup .mid file (intro, solo I, Verse I…) but it’s not easy and very long because the file is difficile to exploit when I open it in LPX.

PM me if you’d like some more offline help.