Creating Spotify Playlist of users with BeatBuddy on their album!

Hey all!

We want to make a Spotify playlist showcasing all the artists that have used the BeatBuddy on their released music!

Please reply here with the link to your song/record that used the BeatBuddy. If only some songs in an album have the BB on there, please specify which they are.

Look forward to hearing from you all.

Can I get them offline, I’ve been downloading Spotify to mp3 for quite a while, pls reply me when the playlist is out, thanks.

Here you go!
We still need more users to send us music!

Thanks for sharing!!

If the songs can be get for offline listening, then you could use the tool Spotify Music Converter Mac to define the audio formats you like to play on your device.

Here is a song about the environment using BeatBuddy for all percussion.

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Thanks for sharing this!