Creating the drumbeat of a song


How do I create the drum beat from the song -
Do i try one genre after another? to try to match the beat and rhythm? Very tedious
I don’t want the OPB but create my own for control
Thank you all

  1. As Long as You love me “ - Backstreet Boys

  2. I want it that way - Backstreet Boys

Look up the bpm here BPM and key for Big yellow taxi | SongBPM |

See if the suggested beats for the song you want are available in the Song Matching Tool (in this case, they probably are not available).

If they are not available in the Song Matching Tool, post your request here and see if a user replies with any suggestions: Requests - Singular Sound Forum

Or try looking it up here: My New Beat list for my style of songs i use - #6 by Wayne_McNeil

Thanks Persist.
I checked all the links , not available,
I will follow and request as per your instructions


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