Creepy Old House

For some reason, this made me think of horror movie soundtracks, which is why I settled on the “Creepy Old House” title. As before, I am syncing a sequencer with the BeatBuddy’s MIDI out. Using the Moog Mavis / NiftyKEYZ sequencer this time and playing lead on the Behringer minimoog clone. You may recognize the John Bonham inspired drum kit. The BeatBuddy song is actually the Rolling Stones “Angie” (it just happened to fit the tempo and feel I was looking for). That first note at the beginning of the song was me accidentally hitting a key on the Behringer. I still had the Behringer connected to the BeatBuddy’s MIDI out, so it always kicked in the sequencer on that synth. Since I wasn’t using the Behringer’s sequencer, I had to start with the output volume all the way down until I could disable the sequencer. I hit the keyboard after turning the volume pot back up, but I decided to leave it in there.

My guitars are feeling neglected so maybe I’ll have some guitars in the next creative effort.

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