CRS Song Info

For those of us that can’t remember after a few months how many transitions were setup on a song on the pedal not recently used it would be nice to have a matrix view of the structure alternate or be a menu button option when selecting a song, hold down two arrows or something like that. Thinking of something simple like this to show intro, pattern1:main, ch1,ch2, transition, accent, patter2:main, transition, accent, outro:

Song detail view same layout as BBM pattern slots:

It could prob be done via CSV saved with song info in a set so that BB could read, maybe even be useful for an eventual song mode. Also good would be date song last edited/loaded info on BB song info screen, again to help users suffering with CRS.

I had also requested the feature that we be able to tag song parts in BB Manager and have those tags show up in the pedal display rather than “part 1”, “part 2”, etc., like “verse”, “prechorus”, “chorus”, “bridge”, etc. I’ve resorted to notations in my lyrics sheets because I have a set list of almost 300 songs to choose from and there’s absolutely no way I’m going to remember what I programmed for all of them. If there was room on the display it would be sweet if you could see what part is next. I’m hoping the BB engineers will eventually provide USB output during play so we can develop tablet apps that give us a heads up display on the mic stand. If that happens I could probably make an app that would look similar to the BB Manager song editor in playback mode.

Yea, I still keep a cheat sheet notebook. Tagging in BBM would be great and if CC midi out codes could also be added to tags at that point, it would be a very cool sequencer as well as drummer. The screen could definately be used for better things when the song is playing. When stopped knowing drum set,vol,time sig etc important but when song is running, none of that is needed I agree it should be displaying more about the part/tag info. Until tagging could be added even if the Playing: is moved to top of screen in bold, a list of tags below it to show structure for example.

@Norbert You are spot on with visualizing information while playing is not the most informative currently. I’d expect that being re-iterated heavily in the future.