Cubase LE AI Elements 8


I’m using Beat Buddy, it’s midi sync cable, with M-Aduio midisport 2x2 interface, and Cubase LE AI Elements 8. I thought I’d be able to get BB’s drum patterns into Cubase - one of the main reasons I got it - but I don’t seem to be able to see any pattern or hear any beat even though Cubase does recognise the midi interface. I couldn’t find a thread on this exact issue here but happy to read up on it if it has already been posted and answered.


A couple of links from a user that was able to connect his DAW (Reaper) to the BeatBuddy:

Let us know when and how you get yours connected and working the way you want.

@Bluze : I see you’re a new member. Welcome. I assume there is a reason that you want to go directly from the Beat Buddy to Cubase, but in the event you can’t get that working, you can get the patterns intro Cubase. The Beat Buddy Manager program lets you export a pattern as a midi file. Then you can import into Cubase like any other midi file. Hover over a pattern in Beat Buddy manager and right click (Control click on a Mac). One of the options that appears is export midi file. From there just export to a location you like, and you’ll have the pattern for Cubase. Keep in mind that if you are exporting or wanting multiple instrument patterns that Beat Buddy is not sending the midi out on separate channels. Everything is consolidated on one channel. To separate drums from bass, you will need to look at the construction of the recommended drum kit to see what notes are being used to trigger which instruments or which pitches. This will be the case even if you get it to export directly from the pedal into Cubase.