Cubase - Too many midi events

Hi All,
Just getting the hang of my BB and trying to create a track for Don Henley, End of the Innocence with bass. I have got the drums with bass kit working with a few examples I have downloaded from the library here. All good so far… Now when I go to create my own midi I have done the following from a full midi backing track I already have…

  1. Removed all but the bass and drum tracks
  2. Transposed the bass to play bass sounds on the BB manager when I use the Rock drums with Bass patch
  3. Merged the bass and drum tracks onto ch10 - drum track
  4. chopped up the track, removing unused bars to make intro/main/fill etc individual midi files using the export feature in Cubase
    5 import midi files into the intro etc in BB

I get the error message to say the files are too big, but they still play in both the manager and on the actual BB. Is this a real problem? Am I storing up something nasty for another day??!!


I’m not sure which versions of firmware or bb manager, but they are in the exact middle of elimination the 500 note limit on a “part”. the new bb manager software and firmware completely allows large parts. the old bb manager software won’t let you create a song with a part larger than 500 notes. so, it depends on your software.

Hi aashideacon - sorry to hijack Colin’s thread - but I’m a bit confused about the 500 note limit. I seem to have the latest software (I’m using the Mac version 1.5.0.) But the 500 note limit is in place. Is there a newer version somewhere I can’t see? I’d love to be able to play a complete midi drum track on the more complicated songs. Thanks in advance for your help.

There is a beta version you can request from support. It still has a few bugs in it, so it hasn’t been released formally.

Thanks aashideacon - I appreciate the help. I’ll go about requesting it.

Thanks gents. I’ll look at this beta code. I find it odd though, that the software would warn me of the 500 note limit, but still play the file, odd eh?

I have the BBM 1.6 version and was wondering if there is a note limit ?

No, v1.6.0.1 has the note limit removed.

Great news to me !

Hi Coli,
Did you ever get The End of the Innocence with Bass done. If so I’d love to get it from you. Thanks!
Best Regards,