Cue fill settings ?

you are right! i meant 2 beats, not measures

Ok, here we go again because I’m still not able to completely come to grips with the cue fill setting and experimentation tonight has me perplexed because I’m not seeing a difference in behavior at 0% or 100%, nevermind anything in between. With transitions, regardless of cue-fill setting, it seems like my pedal behaves the same.

So I have a simple question before I dig any deeper or drive myself more nuts than I have already. Cue fill setting is a percentage, but percentage of what??? What exactly does the percentage represent? What does it tell me? If 100% is supposed to be “play immediately”, and 0% is supposed to be “always wait until the next bar” (and again it’s rather annoying that this is wrong in the manual where it states the opposite), what do the other settings represent? 25%, 50%? Of what?

Near as I can tell and what logically makes sense (though this doesn’t necessarily seem to be how my pedal behaves) the percentage is an indicator of how much of the bar/measure you have available to press and still have the transition (or fill) play in the current bar. So, at 100% the transition plays immediately when pedal is pressed in 100% of the bar, 75% - transition plays immediately if pedal pressed in first 75% i.e. first three beats of the bar and so on.

edit - after posting this I went back and spent about 30 minutes doing some extensive testing with transitions at 0% and 100%. My pedal is behaving erratically; something is definitely wrong. I detailed everything in a message to BB Support, hopefully they can help get it sorted for me.

So can anyone explain the settings in cue-fill period? I cannot find it documented other than the backwards explanation of 0% and 100%. But what are the in between settings? What does the percentage represent and what is the expected behavior? Is my description above correct? Thanks.

Ok, so a couple exchanges with support and I’m actually more confused and equally frustrated… :confused:

First up they told me the cue fill setting affects fills only, not transitions. I pointed to the firmware page description that says it’s for fills and transitions, which they said they have to change. Also, my pedal clearly behaves differently for transitions and outros based on the cue-fill setting and I posted videos showing that.

So, any experience with your pedals and their behavior with transitions you guys can share to shed some light on this is greatly appreciated. My pedal is acting erratically with transitions, period but definitely different at different cue-fill settings… At 0% cue-fill, transitions simply don’t play when triggered on beat 1. To me, that is definitely a problem with the pedal or firmware. At either setting, 0% and 100% - the pedal is erratic. For example, if I trigger the transition on beat 3 the pedal sometimes plays the trans immediately, sometimes it skips to the next bar to play it.

Anyone have any input on this?

I set mine to 50%… so if i trigger a fill in the first two beats, i get a fill, otherwise it waits til the next measure