Cue fill

Can someone explain in detail the cue fill parameter?

Since most of the songs I play are pre-determined songs, ideally i’d like to be able to cue a fill to happen at the end of the current measure.

So I’m thinking “chorus is in 3. 2. {tap}” and what happens is chorus is queued up 2 bars into it.

So i’m singing “hurts so good” then and it skips into the chorus where i have to listen for where to pick up singing. VERY AWKWARD.

The BB manual States the following:
Main Pedal > Cue Fill Period: This allows you to set the amount of the measure that has been played before the fill is played in the next measure, rather than in the current one. So if the setting is at 75%, and you tap the pedal before 75% of the measure has been played, then the fill will start immediately and end in the current measure. If you tap the pedal after 75% of the measure has been played, it will wait until the next measure to play the fill.

So if you want a fill to play fully every time in the next measure set the cue fill to 100% and it should, experiment and see.

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A really lazy answer on my part, and also too late :stuck_out_tongue:

I was hoping that I had understood the issue backwards, because I have it set to 100% now, but I still have those issues. If setting it to 0% would have fixed it I would have been happy :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s a learning process!

I think I did have it backwards. So, if i set to 25%, then if i press fill in beats 2,3,or 4 in a 4/4 measure, it won’t trigger the fill until the current measure ends?

Yes, setting it to 25% means an instant fill (right on this, current bar) will be triggered when you press the pedal ealier than 25% of a bar.
Exactly as you said.

I think the original firmware had it set at 75% which is where I have it. Enables me to trigger the fill just slightly before the first bar of the fill starts but I can also instantly trigger a fill for the current bar up to that 75%. It’s all about practice though. Most of my older songs I don’t even have to think about when to trigger fills its almost automatic.

maybe we should allow the cue fill setting to be by song. I can see wanting some songs to have a high number, and some a low one, depending on if it’s a beat, or a real song.

This lies in the firmware territory, and right now I cannot even estimate the effort required to do any of the changes listed :confused:
I don’t think making this setting on a per song basis is easy, though. As far as I know, the BBS file format is very hard coded (that’s why the limit of 500 notes) - it has several unused fields currently that can be used for that, but it can be tricky.

I tried setting the cue fill to 25%, and all the songs played much more easily. I had set it to 100% before, so by that, if i wasn’t 100% accurate, it was always off!

I always play with it set to 50%. I really love the control over the beat it gives me this way. Some songs have a half-bar fill and queuing it to the next bar at about 33% of a current bar leads to over a full bar played between the fill actually gets played and it may feel odd.

I agree having the possibility to set cue period as a per-song override would be excellent.