Cumbia, Cumbia?

Any idea how to get a Cumbia beat on this thing?

Are you looking for the beats or do you want to know how to load them onto the pedal using the BeatBuddy Manager?

There are some Cumbria, bachata & salsa songs that will be re-upped soon.

Do you have any titles that you’re interested in?

I purchased this to use at the Spanish mass at church so I’m not looking for any titles specifically, but I can’t use this until more Spanish rythyms, including Cumbia and Bachata, are released since none of the ones available match with the songs we use. Do you have any idea how long it will be because I’m dying to be able to use this. I thought that in the meantime I could download some of the links that members have posted here in the forum, but every single one does not work. Why is that?
Is there a way to get other beats onto the Beat Buddy from other sources in the meantime?

Persist explained the missing songs issue to you. Some things I had uploaded have not been reloaded because they were simple midi loops attached to the body of a message, I did not archive those, so they are lost. However, you can get beats from sources other than this Forum or from Singular Sound. The Beat Buddy pedal plays midi song segments through whatever drum kit is active on the pedal at the time. The default active drum kit can be assigned to the pedal using Beat Buddy manager. What does all that mean? Simply, you can purchase midi beats from a number of sources on line. I did a search for “Cumbia Bachata midi” and got several hits. What you are looking for is files that are “drums only.” If you can get a drums only midi file, it can be added to your available songs by entering the midi file to a main loop section within Beat Buddy Manager. That would be the easiest way to add other rhythms to the pedal. Midi files that include other instruments could also be adapted to the Beat Buddy, but those require a bit of work, deleting the unused parts in a midi editor, usually some sort of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), like Cubase, Logic Pro X, Audacity, Reaper, etc.

Also, as you are using the BB for worship, there is a facebook Beat Buddy Worship group.

I have no idea what they have on there, but you might find someone with a similar interest or need.

I know this post is a few months old, but figured I’d share this with LindaC if it would help. This package for purchase has 2 cumbia songs and 2 bachata songs in it each with an intro, outro, 4 main loops, 4 transitions, and 4 fills.

Man, I will upload a Kit specially made it for play Cumbia like Selena