Custom drumset questions

Hi all, i just wanted to confirm a few things for custom drumsets

#1 100 MB max per drumset

#2 64 simultaneous instruments playback.

#3 about #2, does this mean that if say i have a crash at the beginning and that crash is ringing, that crash would account for 1 instrument while its ringing? As in you can only play 63 other sounds at that point?
im just wondering if the polyphony refers to how many sounds can play simultaneous or how many notes can be triggered at a time.

#4 is there a maximum number of instruments a drumset can have or is that limit only based on the size of the kit?
In other words can i have 128 instruments on that drumset as long as the files add up under 100MB?

  1. Yes
  2. If you say so. It’s never been an issue with me with 4 and 5 part kits.
  3. See 2.
  4. Yes, you can have 128 instruments.