Custom Power Cable

I want to customize a cable to use on my pedal board but I need to know the plug type used in the BB.
Does anybody know the type/model/brand used on the BB, my standard voodoo cable fit but not 100% if I hit the pedal to hard the BB reboots … you don’t want this to happen on a gig :wink:

Brennan posted a schematic for the barrel of the plug to the forum. It has all of the dimensions.

wow Brennan sure has a lot off posts … @BrennanSingularSound any idea what post the mod is referring to ?

Can’t find the post but here’s the spec sheet
214010004 亚豪 DC-022B图纸.PDF (105.4 KB)

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@Phille, did you get your voodoo power supply, beat buddy cable issue sorted out? I have the same problem. What was your solution?

No didn’t solve it, so I sold my BB :frowning:

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