Custom Setting for Beat Buddy - Part Selection

Okay, after many months, I’ve got the midi maestro working with my beat buddy.
I’ve been waiting to program it since the default beat buddy mode does not work for me.

I use mostly parts, so have the parts to level deep does not work for me, and part 1 is on the top row(?what?) I want it to be the first button on the bottom row. I have so much shit to do with my feet while playing I need to sit down, so I don’t have to look down all the time. I just know where stuff is.

Anyway, so I need to program part changes. I put In the commands:

1 113 1
1 113 0

and it didn’t work (always transitioning, but never get to the part)
Then I remember that on my Morningstar (another midi sending pedal), I send the 1 on down and 0 on up, which gave it enough time in between command.

And it seems like the default beat buddy mode does the same thing since you hold the peddle down to get a longer transition. (I’ve never done this, by the way, and don’t know anyone who knows that this is a feature).

So my question, how do you actually do a part change? I do have the list of what goes out for a part change (as above), but I need some kind of delay or a “send on down” and a “send of up.” This must exist since the default beatbuddy mode is doing it.

Hello there, is this on iOS? The iOS should have this functionality (the ability to send commands on press and/or release) next week. Without this I suggest using a toggle to achieve the same goal, now you just have to tap to stop the transition instead of just release. It’s not a perfect solution, but it is a workaround until the app is updated.

Thank you for your patience.

This is on iOS.

I’ll wait for the update, it’s already been this long.

I great feature would have a web app or something where you can just rearrange things. It’s rare that you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of making up new commands. I just need a totally different layout.

The feature of Browse Command and Browse Modes seem pretty useless because already it all over the place in terms of naming and what note. Lot’s of people are putting MM as the device when I think it should probably BB or the name of the destination.

The is really not great. I think something like the Morningstar app although still not great is a step in the right direction.

You’ll be glad to know we are completely revamping and redesigning the app to work better and be more intuitive, first things first is iOS furthering along a little more.

We will not likely take a web app approach, though we do plan on creating better methods of de-cluttering the shared libraries

Do you have an ETA on the iOS App?

When is Hell getting frosty?

You can download the iOS from the App Store but I’d say it’s probably at around 35% of the functionality it should have. Singular Sound has been quiet about release dates for any of their products.

Thanks for the response…I have that one…it’s useless. I have know idea why they would release this kind of crap.