Custom Song/Kit Library

We need something better than the forums for the song libraries that we are creating. There is an external site that stores 1) custom beats 2) custom kits and 3) lists of songs that can be played with default BB beats.

We need something more custom to what we are doing. I.e. genre/artist/song/hasbass or not/kit/date uploaded, etc

Someone who buys a beatbuddy today should be able to see that we have already created 100+ songs, and how to do the “with bass” hack. I have a feeling that new songs are going to be posted daily. What we should post in the forum is the link to the song, and the cheat sheet, that is in the beatbuddy custom song library. In theory, every custom song could have its own custom kit, and with that have complete backing tracks if you want.

I’ve been trolling the forums daily, and just now the custom song thing is ramping up. Let’s get ahead of the game!

Now do you now want me to troll your site as well? :slight_smile: