Custom songs are not playing on pedal but I can play them on Manager

The BB cycles through the beats but there is no sound and no main drum file. If I click the play button on the “song” tab I get the drum sounds that I was expecting. How do I get the songs to play from the pedal? All were imported using the Manager software.
Thank you

Are you sure you are synchronizing your projects? In Windows, using the Beat Buddy Manager, this step is required to be sure the content on your desk top is transferred to your memory card. When you insert the card back into BB, you should have access to the content you created in BBM.

Hi Wade.
I am synchronizing the projects but the song doesn’t appear to have a main drum loop. When I hit play in the manager I get nothing but when I hit play I think it’s because I don’t have the specific drum kits used in the song

Hi Glenn - which song? Is it on the forum?

Most of the songs with bass aren’t working. I think I may not have the right drum kit.

Yes when there’s an asterisk in front of the kit name (in this case * NP Standard Pro BASS) it means you don’t have it included in the project.

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Ahh yes, i misunderstood the problem. I thought it was playing in BBM but not BB. Yes you need to have the appropriate drum set, especially if you are using custom songs with instruments other than just drums e.g. bass and/or keys.

One more issue there: when the song is in the outro, you need to tap, then double tap on the pedal to get the song to play. The first tap starts the null loop. The double tap advances to the outro where the song’s audible section is located.

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Has this issue been solved?

This has not yet been resolved as I am trying to get access to the NP standard Pro Bass kit. I have sent a copy of my receipt yesterday but have not heard back yet
Thank you for following up

I’m sure support will get back to you soon, let us know if it takes more than a day or two

You could also try one of the Substitute Standard Pro kits

The problem is now resolved - thank you


Glad to hear! You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

Will close topic