Substitute Standard Pro with Bass kits

This link contains both the 0-31 and a 62-91 mapping of a kit that can be used wherever Standard Pro with Bass is required. Generally, you will need the 62-91 kit. Standard with Bass used a 63-91 bass mapping. I have added an additional low D note.

The sources document tells you where the waves were sourced.


In my initial uses of these kits, I am finding that the bass samples should be adjusted down in volume significantly. A -5db setting seems to give good results, but again, this will vary depending upon the bass output of your gear.

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Hi Philā€¦ I finally got the Standard Pro kit which was included in the complete content packageā€¦ I was wondering if I can get your Standard Pro with Bass kit, and also how to provide you my proof of purchaseā€¦ @Phil_Flood Thanks in advanceā€¦

Thanks!!! :+1:

Thanks Phil for the Std. pro kits!

Thanks :slight_smile: