Problem with a Midi-File

Hello all.
I have a problem with a MIDI file.
This file consists of drums and bass. Unfortunately I can’t get the bass on channel 10 so I can play drums and bass on BeatBuddy.
I also unfortunately don’t know MIDI at all and have worked out the drum and bass track from another file.
Yes, the long lead time is correct, as the song has a very long prelude with just guitar and orchestra.
I hope someone can help me with my problem.
Thank you very much for the effort.

P.S. unfortunately I can’t upload the MIDI file.

Zip the file and then try uploading it.

Hello Persist,
thank you, here is the ZIP-File with the “Nessaja”-Midi-File (672 Bytes)

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If your intent is to have all of that audio white space up to the 22d bar, you might have several considerations more than just the bass issue. Everything is fairly easy to fix though.

Are you using a DAW (digital audio workstation) and if so, which one? The enclosed screen shots are from Logic Pro X. If you are using Reaper, you can find the tutorial I posted on the forum a while back

  1. If you play this file on the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or BeatBuddy (BB) as is, the drums will start immediately—not upon reaching the 22d bar. In order for your drums and bass to begin playing at the 22 bar, you’ll need to add some silent notes at the start of your MIDI file.
  2. You don’t have to worry about MIDI channel 10 for the bass. The problem is that the bass notes are not positioned within the MIDI file for the BBM or BB to recognize and play them as bass notes. To get the bass notes to play, you will have to lower them two-three octaves so that they correspond with the bass note locations in the drum set. Let’s use the SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31 drum set for this song. If you don’t have it yet, you can find it here Substitute Standard Pro with Bass kits
    NOTE: if your drum set has the bass notes in the 62-91 range, you’ll have to raise them 4-5 octaves.
  3. To get both the drums and bass to sound in the BB, you will have to join the drums and the bass tracks in your DAW before you export them to MIDI.
  4. If I could make a suggestion, it would be to lower the velocities of the bass notes, otherwise, they might be so loud that they will override the drums. In this situation, I lowered the bass from a velocity of 80 to 25.

Hello Persist.
Thank you very much for the quick help.
Yes, it works and I am very happy about it.
Unfortunately I don’t know anything about MIDI and try to get it working by trial and error.
Sometimes it even works.
My programs for this are: Reaper (very difficult for me), Ableton Lite 11 (is just as difficult for me) and now I have downloaded with from NCH software the program MixPad and with it I get along a little, because I can switch here to the piano roll. This program is also free to get.
I will continue to practice.
Thanks again for the quick help and the good description about the way you did.
Sorry if my English is not so good, unfortunately I speak almost no English and translated my words with “DeepL”.

Thanks for taking the extra effort to translate your post.

Learning how to use a DAW to edit MIDI is difficult. Some users report they like using MIDIEditor which is also free

Ask questions when you need help.

Hello Persist.
Thank you for the message.
I will try the program once.
Maybe I can also learn a little more through it.

Hello all.
What am I doing wrong (always)?
I have imported a midi file and edited it with the "Midi Editor).
The result also fit as I wanted it to some extent.
Then I imported it into the “BeatBuddy”.
Some of the drum tracks did not fit and I corrected them manually so that it fits.
Now when I start “Beat-Buddy” I have no bass in the bass section (as it should be) but only an overlapping drone but the drums fit.
I use here (on tip from persist) the drum set “SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31”.
If I now save this changed file as MIDI from “BeatBuddy”, then I have only garbage in the “Midi Editor” and the start of this file also no longer takes place immediately but only after 124 bars and before that things have crept in that I never entered.
I attach once both files to check here. Maybe someone can help me then please (somehow I seem to be too stupid to handle MIDI files correctly)

“Bassdrum10” is the file that works (somewhat correctly, except for the bass).
and “Bassdrum11” is the MIDI file written back from “BeatBuddy” and mangled.

Best regards to all

BeatBuddy Drums 10 + (2.9 KB)

Thanks for providing your MIDI files. A couple of issues:

The answer is that you’re learning how to work with MIDI and trying to work with the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor which is buggy. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

The bass in MIDI 10 sounds fine in my BBM. Just make sure you have the correct drum set active: SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31 but not SUB-Standard Pro Plain.

MIDI 11 does not sound good. If you used the BBM MIDI Editor to make corrections, it probably corrupted your file. Also, if you then tried to Export to MIDI from the BBM, it will no longer be a useable MIDI file. The takeaway is to not use the BBM MIDI Editor to edit, correct or change your file. You can use the BBM MIDI Editor to check your work but best to go back to your DAW (MIDI Editor) and make the changes there and then add it back in the BBM.

Also, make sure you move F1 Low Tom up two half steps to G1 and B1 Mid Tom down two half steps to A1.

Hello Persist.
Thank you for the message.
I did not know that the BBM destroys files when saving.
That is a pity.
Yes, I use the drumset “Std Pro PL Bass 0-31” to play the file.
But still the bass is horrible to listen to.
Unfortunately, I can’t yet move the tracks as you suggested, because I can’t find the labels (F1 Low Tom or B1 Mid Tom). I see that only in the BBM and have moved accordingly so in the BBM.
As an attachment I have added an MP3, which I have recorded directly from the “BeatBuddy”, there you can hear the bass very clearly drone.
Maybe I just have it too loud and must lower it in volume. I have not yet tried.

Thank you far for your help
and many greetings


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Those notes might appear as 41 and 47 in your DAW.

Just to clarify, the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor corruption issue seems to affect some users but not all. Regrettably, it does appear to affect you. This is caused by how the BBM processes the bass note-offs. Some users refer to the droning bass sound as “stuck notes.”

Hello Persist.
Thank you for the message.
I have no idea what the “hanging note” might be, but I did find a solution (for me) after all.
I no longer use the “Std Pro PL Bass 0-31” drumset but simply the “Standard_V2_Bass_2-31” drumset and the drone is no longer present.
Now I just have to get along with the DAW (Reaper) (I get no sound and many other problems more :smiley: ), then I can continue again with cheerful courage:
Thanks again for the quick help and I hope I may continue to report problems?


Translated with DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator (free version)

Thanks for reporting how you got the bass to sound properly.

This thread explains how to get audio from Reaper: Reaper output volume problem - #5 by persist

Please feel free to post your questions. I’m not a Reaper user but there are other users that are.

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When i import a midi file into fl 20 only the notes from the bass cleff show up and they are rased by an octave.. Any solutions?

edit: i have tried more then one midi file and still the same results, also the files show up correctly in musescore

Not being familiar with FL 20, I skimmed thru the FL 20 online user manual but could not find what I was looking for so I’ll try to address your issues. They pretty much fit in the same context as my Reaper tutorials—in other words, the same general principles apply.

The user-created drum sets (those with bass and other instruments) expect to see a MIDI file in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and the BeatBuddy (BB) in a certain structure e.g., the bass notes have to be lowered one or more octaves and the instruments (other than drums) usually have to be raised two to four octaves.

You achieve this structure by editing the MIDI file in FL 20 before exporting to MIDI.

In order for the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to recognize this structure, prior to exporting in FL 20, you have to join/combine/merge (not sure what terms FL 20 uses) the MIDI tracks.

Within FL Studio 20, you will have to edit the bass MIDI track by selecting all of the bass notes and lowering them by at least one octave (possibly more). If you want the piano notes to sound in the BBM using STAX 4 octave piano & strings, you would have to select all of the notes in the piano MIDI track and raise them two (or possibly more) octaves.

Once you are done making edits to the individual MIDI tracks, you have to combine the drums and bass into a single MIDI track and this must be done within the DAW’s MIDI editing or within the export to MIDI dialog window.