Thank you @Phil - very generous and lots of goodies to sort through!

One observation that I’m looking for confirmation on from @Phil_Flood’s post here:

It looks like:
NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio is now…Bosendorfer Jazz Trio 72+C2

NP Big Bose Jazz Trio is now…Bosendorfer Jazz Trio 60+C1

Just trying to get all the update kits in the right spot.
Thanks again for sharing the songs and any help!
(Edit for proper documentation thanks @Phil_Flood)

Big Bose is the 60+C1, Jazz Trio is 72+C2. The 60 indicates that the first piano note is a midi 60, so its a “bigger” kit than one with the piano starting at 72. I have one more octave there.

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This is amazing. Thank you!

Is there a convenient place to get all of the drum kits you’re using in this?

Thanks again

Let me know which you need and I’ll try to get them to you.

You’re amazing!

I don’t have any at this point but the standard ones that came with the bb…

You can also use the forum search function to find the drum sets that the songs were crafted with. There are a couple of exceptions that you should be aware of:

  1. If you find songs that require a drum set name prefixed with an NP, that drum set may have been replaced by a drum set that does not include the NP prefix. An example might be NP Jazz Trio Bosendorfer XRp (or something similar) which has been replaced with Bosendorfer Jazz Trio.
  2. The second exception is that some of the bass kits are derived from premium kits (Vintage Ludwig and Standard Pro) and in order to get those kits, you will have to send Phil a private message with your invoices for those premium kits) in order for him to provide you links for the NP Vintage Ludwig Bass or the NP Standard Pro BASS kits. If you don’t want to buy the premium Standard Pro drum set, user Phil Flood has crafted substitute kits Substitute Standard Pro with Bass kits
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Thank you SO MUCH Phil. I can not tell you how much I appreciate these. I play piano in a restaurant.
Many songs from 1970 forward, are really dependent upon their beat to give their song identity, cohesion, and strength. Without a beat, some just flat.
Thank you for this treasure chest of gems.

You’re very welcome.

Good morning Phil…I am new to the forum and a noobe to Beat Buddy. I downloaded your song files from your post here that are in Alphabetical order and the selection is great. The problem I am having is that in order to play them I need to do a double click of the pedal as if to play outro fill and it will play as it says outro fill. When in this mode the whole song plays and the foot switches do nothing. It cannot be stopped until finished or you change to another beat while it is playing. when you hit the pedal once it goes into play mode but no sound…odd??..I wonder where I am going wrong in using your files did I install them wrong or what I am missing operation wise. your help is greatly appreciated…tnx Bill

Hi Bill,

The is the other Phil, not the one who made those folders, but I can answer your question. Phil’s songs are a type of “one-press” or OPB song. Some of us, like myself and Persist, usually put the main song body in the intro when we make these, others, like Phil, put the main song body in the outro.

When the main song body is in the intro, one press of the pedal starts the song playing, it then goes through the full song, and goes into a “null” or empty loop in the Main Loop section of the song. It continues looping doing what seem like nothing, until you double tap to end.

When the main song body is in the outro, the first press starts that endless, empty, null loop. Then, to “play” the song, you double tap to commence the outro, where the song plays one time through and ends.

So, you are doing nothing wrong. That is just how the songs are made.

Are far as it playing without being able to end once it starts, there is a BB setting to enable a “triple tap to end.” This allows for an escape or panic stop if you enable that option.

If you find you prefer the songs that start to play when you press, you can edit Phil’s songs in BB Manager to move the outro to the intro. Depending upon your version of BB Manager and the Operating system you are using, the steps vary. On my Mac I can simple click, hold, and drag, but I know this doesn’t work on all systems.

Oh man thank-you I thought I was doing something wrong when loading. One question…If I edit the songs to intro will they end without the outro taps…like on their own stop ,once they end or does it keep looping until you end (tripple tap)…

Wow that works better…even using the outro the tripple tap is the answer…thanks Phil that is great

Maybe you figured this out. If you have the song in the intro, the null keeps looping after the song. You can end with a double tap (which, technically advances to the outro, plays once and ends, but its blank, so it plays nothing), or with the triple tap, which ends immediately.

Thanks Phil…your help is greatly appreciated.

awesome thanks

New to this but I cannot get any of your songs in the folders to have sound. They play but no sound in BBM.

His songs require a double-tap to start playing.

trying to listen on my MacBook. Same way?

Yes. Double tap the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Virtual Machine (semi-functional mock-up of the pedal).

ok thank you