UPDATED 6/18/2020

I totally forgot to give shout-outs to people who helped along the way with these tunes… very important to give credit and thanks, so… Persist, for great collaborations and “distance” friendship. Phil Flood, for his great kits, a few “on demand”. Aashi for showing me the BB in the first place and for lessons in Reaper

A few people have been asking me for songs that were posted previous to NOV 2018 and were lost. A while back, I uploaded my folders of songs, and they’ve become hard to find … so I’ve decided to upload them again. There’s actually a lot of new stuff in them. You’ll note that there are two other folders, “newly added 1” and “newly added 2”. The songs in those are NOT alphabetized because I use Band Helper to actuate the BB by midi number and Band Helper automatically alphabetizes carrying the mid ID with the song … WHY cant the BB do that???
Additionally, there are new non-alphabetized tunes in the BEATLES folder.

NOTE: these do NOT include the cheatsheets. Contact me IF you “really” need one …

A_D.pbf (1.0 MB)
E_H.pbf (842.6 KB)
I_L.pbf (606.4 KB)
M_P.pbf (618.5 KB)
Q_S.pbf (758.7 KB)
T_Z.pbf (1002.0 KB)
BEATLES.pbf (968.2 KB)
EAGLES.pbf (186.2 KB)
Newly_added_1.pbf (2.8 MB)
Newly_added_2.pbf (521.3 KB)


Thanks Phil!! :+1:


Thanks a lot :guitar:


thanks Phil,great stuff!

Thanks Phil very generous of you :blush:

To make it easier to find out what the contents are in each folder, I created some simple lists corresponding to each pbf file. This might also make it easier to search the forum for a particular song.
A-D.pdf (26.2 KB)
E-H.pdf (27.7 KB)
I-L.pdf (24.9 KB)
M-P.pdf (24.3 KB)
Q-S.pdf (25.8 KB)
T-Z.pdf (29.2 KB)
The Beatles.pdf (28.3 KB)
The Eagles.pdf (21.2 KB)
Newly added 1.pdf (30.8 KB)
Newly added 2.pdf (25.9 KB)


Thanks for the pdf lists Persist… It did find a a song that I was looking for and a few others that I hadn’t thought of by looking through the lists, so your theory on making things easier worked… :beers:

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Thanks for putting together the collection of folders Phil, and thanks for all the songs…

All the work you put in is much appreciated… Nicely done too… :beers:


Thanks Phil. Sorry for the noob question : Can I download some of the song files? Maybe I need the cheatsheets??

Hi PoidaBass. Welcome to the forum.

The songs are in the *.pbf files that were in Phil’s original post. *.pbf files are folders (collections of songs) and *.sng files are individual song files. Phil has only provided folder files. Import the *.pbf files into BBM using File > Import > Folder.

Here’s some other useful resources if you’re new to this whole thing


Thank you :pray:

Thanks for helping out here.

Hey there PoidaBass (or anyone else that might find this useful), here is an example of another thing you can do to get individual songs from the folders (*.pbf files like Phil’s) with songs, and then put them where you want them…

  • Open the BeatBuddy Manager and import the *pbf folder with the song that you want into your ‘project’…

  • Move the song that you want to wherever you want it located in your .project., eg: a Setlist folder that you have created…

  • You can also then delete the folder from your .project’, but keep a copy for future reference on your computer wherever you located it after you downloaded it…

Or, another example of what you can also do…

  • I have Phil’s Beatles .pbf folder in my ‘project’, but I wanted to put the song Get Back into a Setlist folder, and also leave the same song in the Beatles folder…

  • I changed the title of Phil’s Beatles .pbf folder to “Beatles with Bass’”, and then imported his Beatles folder into my ‘project’ a second time…

  • Then I moved ‘Get Back’ from the newly downloaded second copy of his Beatles folder to where I wanted it in my ‘Setlist 2’ folder…

  • Then I deleted the newly downloaded second copy of the Beatles folder, and that way I have the song in both of the places where I want it… and at that point you can rename the first copy of the folder back to it’s original name if you want to… (eg: if you have all of Phil’s folders in your project and wanted to copy one song from the ‘E_H’ folder and had temporarily renamed it ‘E_H original’ you can just rename it back to ‘E_H’ to keep things organized)…

Thanks, appreciate your help.

Thank you @Phil - very generous and lots of goodies to sort through!

One observation that I’m looking for confirmation on from @Phil_Flood’s post here:

It looks like:
NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio is now…Bosendorfer Jazz Trio 72+C2

NP Big Bose Jazz Trio is now…Bosendorfer Jazz Trio 60+C1

Just trying to get all the update kits in the right spot.
Thanks again for sharing the songs and any help!
(Edit for proper documentation thanks @Phil_Flood)

Big Bose is the 60+C1, Jazz Trio is 72+C2. The 60 indicates that the first piano note is a midi 60, so its a “bigger” kit than one with the piano starting at 72. I have one more octave there.

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This is amazing. Thank you!

Is there a convenient place to get all of the drum kits you’re using in this?

Thanks again