Bosendorfer Jazz Trio kits (P-Bass, Jazz kit, Bosendorfer Imperial Grand)

These two kits replace with NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio XRL, and Big Bose kits.

72+C2 replaces the XRL
60+C1 replaces Big Bose.

See kit maps for details.

NOTE: 72+C2 kit was updated 2019-02-21 to correct a “stuck” C# in the upper range of the bass part.


Hey Phil… I haven’t installed these yet… havevthe kit names remained the same? Makes things easier.


No, sorry. I am trying to get rid of the NP, XRL, Big, etc. names on my end, and replace the end tag with something more meaningful. So, 60+C1 means the piano starts at C1 at midi 60, for example. If you’re happy with the original kit, there is no need to replace it. The other thing that I am doing with the kits that are being replaced, is to change the panning so both outputs are not needed.