The Wheel - Jerry Garcia

Uses Bosendorfer Jazz Trio 72+C2

Includes: sng, merged midi parts (2), and pdf cheat.

Please see the pdf cheat for details.

The (54.6 KB)


This one came out great, Phil! Again, I can’t thank you enough for putting the time in to do such a massive collection of songs. I’m sure you’re getting tired of putting together Dead songs, just know that it has not gone unappreciated, and believe that these will get worn thin!

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Another we can do enthusiastically thanks to your guidance and craft.

Thank you. I having one of those very depressed days, so this helps.

As one human to another my sympathies. Finding these gems like presents under a tree certainly picks me up.

I don’t say it enough but I have much gratitude for all your efforts… You have taught me so much… Thank You