Uncle John's Band - The Grateful Dead

I believe this has been posted a couple times before, including a version from me. I decided a re-do was in order, in light of the working through the Garcia/Hunter Songbook project.

This uses the Bosendorfer Jazz Trio kit, 72+C2

I was reasonably sure that I had a midi of this somewhere, and I did. The midi I had, though, was a straight copy of the version from the 1973 Grateful Dead songbook, that I bought for all of $5.95 back in 1973 or 1974. The differences from that to the Garcia/Hunter book version are found in 2 transition parts, after the first chorus, and after the second chorus before the a cappella outro chorus. I like playing the 1973 book version, so I kept it that way. I have included the unmerged midi file, if someone wants to re-do the song to work in the other transitions.

Includes: .sng, merged midi, unmerged midi, pdf cheat

Uncle John’s Band.zip (76.6 KB)

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