This House is Rockin - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Love this song - OPBk

In B (original Key) and in A (when your voice gets tired!)

The_house_is_rockin_in_B.sng (23.1 KB)

The_house_is_rockin_in_A.sng (23.1 KB)

I use with:

Bosendorfer Jazz Trio kits (P-Bass, Jazz kit, Bosendorfer Imperial Grand)


Hi there! Can you post the midi source for this song? I need the song in E. I tired to recreate the midi source, but neither of my DAW programs would read it. Thanks and have a great day!

By recreate, do you mean exporting it from the BBM?

EDIT: added the export to MIDI from the .sng file
House is a rockin (11.3 KB)

That is correct. I downloaded it and tried to export the midi.

Thank you!!

See if you can open the one above in your digital audio workstation (DAW).

I did! And, I was able to edit it to change the key to E! Thank you again!!!

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