Custom wav file accent stops and resets BB

i created a wav file of thunder and rain used at the beginning and end of the song Thunder Rolls. About 1 out of 5 times I have the following problem. The wav file I about 15 seconds in duration. My procedure is… After the previous song is done, I press and hold the BB peddle to reset the song after using the optional switches to stop the previous song. Then again press the stop switch to advance to the next song in the set list. To start the song Thunder Rolls I press the accent switch to play the thunder rain wav accent then when the wav is almost finished I press the BB peddle to start the beat sequences and sometimes I get a squeak tone, the sequence fails to start and the BB reloads the song. It seems like a buffering error because if I reload the song it will play the accent, beat sequences, and I hit the accent and stop switches at the end to again play the wav. I notice when advancing to the next song using the stop switch after a sequence has ended, about every 8 songs or so the BB will buffer again or reload not really sure how much data or songs the buffer holds. So is it a corrupt wav or just need to reload the ram to hold the larger accent and the song?

What is the size of the Wav file? The BB can only supports Wav files for accent hits up to 3mb, are you changing kits at the same time of changing songs? - it has to load the kit first which includes the accent hit. Are you triggering the accent hit changing songs to one that does not have that accent hit?

Thanks for responding. The wav is less than 3mb. All our song I write the midi files and use none of the BB included songs. For consistency and ease of writing the midis I use only the Rock kit. Last night at the club after I forward selected the song I unplugged and replugged the power plug on the BB and watched the buffer loading bar complete and all was ok and played correctly. It may be over kill but after every set last night I turned the power off on my peddle board then powered back up after our break. Thanks again for the tips and would appreciate any other thoughts on the subject.