customer service sucks

Contacted customer support twice with no answer. Im about to throw the BB in the trash and go find a real drummer

How many days has it been since you sent an email to ? Sometimes there is a backlog of email and as they have a very small team it may take bit longer to reply.
However what is the issue you are having as maybe we can help. Unfortunately if you have a faulty unit then only Singular Sound can resolve those issues for you but most software issues can be overcome.

Keep in mind, that most of the time (literally more than 90% cases) issues are caused by corrupted SD card content.

Before throwing anything out of the window (despite how satisfying this process can be), try two simple steps:

  • erase all the BeatBuddy SD card content and unpack a new one from the SD Card Backup archive, that you can get from the Downloads Page. Just make sure that there are four content folders right on the SD card after you’ve done - DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, SONGS and PARAMS (and they are not in any subfolder!).
  • try using another SD card entirely.

@Lee Pascua Also, if we do not answer the phone - please leave us a voice mail. We will return your call.