customer service

Does any one on here know what beat buddy’s customer service number is? I had an issue with my order and these guys are apparently faceless. Only email as a contact seems a little shady. Plus you can call information in Romeoville, IL…(where my shipment supposedly came from) and there’s no listing for beat buddy or singular sound. Anyone know who these guys "really " are? Or have a contact number?

Bear in mind that you are dealing with a tiny team, email is normally the best way of making contact and then waiting. I believe they normally try and reply within 24hours, however if there has been an influx of emails then it may well take a bit longer. There is a contact number listed here in the forum somewhere and when I find it I will post it. Do you have a tracking number, how long has it been etc etc…
Let me assure you that the team behind Singular Sound are very genuine and will do all they can to resolve any issues you may have, all you need is a bit of patience.

I’ve sent email to general, tech, & sales. Nothing so far. If you do find the number please post it. I also opened a case with PayPal. A customer service number should Always be posted for any kind of legit business. Thanks for your help.

Please bear in mind, that Singular Sound team is very small, so it may take some time to get feedback from them.
Using an e-mail is the most certain way to get in touch.

It is absolutely normal to have doubts about something being legit or not.
As far as I know, the BeatBuddy pedal is pretty legit. I preordered mine more than a year ago - on Feb 1, 2014. The pedal was just being kick-started at that time, that’s why I had to wait for like half a year for it. But it was totally worth it, and I absolutely love my BeatBuddy! I also bought one more for my brother. He enjoys playing with the BeatBuddy as well.

To my knowledge, all users who ordered the unit successfully received their pedal. Usual shipping time differs from country to country, though.