Cymbal Crash at Song Pause

Simple thought. Could we have the option to have a cymbal crash at song pause. When we pause a song it would also initiate a cymbal crash the would ring. This would allow for a smother transition from drums to no drums and back again. I use a volume pedal for BB dynamics during a song but the pause is still a hard off situation.
If this could be an option per song it would be great.

Thanks for the forum and updates. :smiley:

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You can actually hit the Crash and the pause together by pressing both buttons

Size 7 1/2 shoes here… :lol:

I’m currently using a 3 button footswitch same one used for the Digitech Jamman Solo XT called FX-3 Footswitch…the 3rd switch combines the pause and accent sounds together to do just what you’re describing

Nice, I believe a majority of users would support this request.:slight_smile:
It gets old having to hit both pedals so often on the standard pedal.