Cymbal/High Hat Volume

Will there be a way in the Manager software to adjust the volume of the cymbals/high hats? In some of my applications they’re too prominent in the mix. Thanks!

A few times I have worked around this by choosing a different drum set.

As I understand it. Download the SD card info. Extract it into a folder on PC. Find the MIDI file for the verse, chorus, or fill that you want to tone down the Cymbals then bring it up in a MIDI Editor software. I’m still looking for a good free MIDI software but currently using MIDI Editor 2.5.0. Edit the volume(or velocity) on each Cymbal or Hihat event then save the MIDI file (new name?). [A lower volume the BB will actually play just like a real drummer didn’t hit as hard. ] The BB MGR can use the new MIDI files which you can insert into a BB song with a new name, in a new folder.

The algorithm above is about correct for editing specific drum sounds for a given song.

If you want to adjust the volume of specific notes across the board, you can do that for each note in a drumset individually.

Cool to see a screenshot of the manager software - as expected the GUI (graphical user interface) has changed quite a bit since the original demo vid of it. Also I am amazed that there is no much editing possibilities within it. However until it is released I don’t think there is a way of editing the midi files themselves.

Do not take this as a final version though. It is a development version. Things may change a lot.

That screenshot is like Nerd PrOn… Even though I know I can’t have it, I can’t stop looking at it.

Hi i’m using the mac version editor
In the Drummaker section when i adjust the vol in the instrument details and ok it doesn’t have any affect in playback only if i press the > play button in the wav files i hear a difference, but not when i go back to virtual machine and play song.
Thanks Ronny