Cymbal noise

Anyone know how to stopp the ringing of a cymbal Ive tried lowering the velocity of the midi. Its a file from hit traxx the bass and most of the drum os good except the ctmbal Thanks Brent

Put a velocity 1 midi note after the original note at the time where you want the ringing to end. The 2nd note will trigger, ending the first one, and will be nearly inaudible since it is velocity 1.


is that done in BB manger or in reaper midi file ? I can’t tell which midi note is doing this ?

In the midi file.

Open the drumkit in BB Manager by Double clicking on its name in the drumkit’s list. Then find the cymbals, and audition each cymbal wave by clicking the play button after the wave name. Do this until you find the sound that you are hearing that is “ringing.” Note the midi value for this instrument. The number in the instrument’s name is its midi value. Example - 57 Crash Cymbal 2. 57 is the value you are looking for. 60 is C3, so 57 is A2. (note, my numbers are based on 0 = C negative 2.)

Once you know that midi value/note number& location, you can edit the midi in Reaper to add the velocity 1 note.

thanks phil I will give that a try. Too bad more couldn’t be edited in BB manager