Cymbal swell

Hey all. As per the title, has anyone managed to get a proper sounding cymbal swell (like at the end of a song) that sounds realistic? I’ve been trying different ways but they sound really ‘robotic’ and ‘phasing’ when I try it.

Anyone had any success and have any samples?

Just by thinking how a drummer would play and then adjusting the velocity accordingly.
Here is an example of a swell used as an Intro where he Drums/BeatBuddy only come in after the 1st Chorus (using tap tempo accordingly). Also the end of one of my Outro’s. (496 Bytes) (290 Bytes)

(Note that I play these using the standard BB Rock Kit)

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Thanks for the examples. I’ll keep playing with them. :+1:

One key aspect is to remember Volume responds exponentially not linearly (not a straight line). So to get a better swell your Velocity must curve upward - very little change at first (quiet) and then get louder much quicker as it swells.

Yes that’s how I’ve been doing it (I program all my own beats) but it’s just one aspect that the sound hasn’t been too satisfactory for my liking. I’ll have to keep experimenting. Thanks for sharing your samples.

Good luck, if you discover any helpful tips is appreciate you sharing those too

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I have 4 diff types/lengths i can send you, they’re wave files they won’t allow me to upload Waves from here for some reason

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Zip the files and if they’re 2Mb or under, you can post them. If larger than 2 Mb, put them on Dropbox, Google Drive or your cloud server of choice and post the link.

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@Bob if you can rather post the Midi files used to create the swells that would be very helpful. The challenge is using the digital midi instructions to generate a “live feel” swell.

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