cymbal volume on footswitch

Hi, can I adjust the volume of the cymbal crash? (foot switch) It seems a bit quiet to me.

This is currently not an option with the BeatBuddy. This is however something that we may include in a future update, as we have received this inquiry a few times before.

The files on the SD card that have always been freely accessible are the wave files used for the accent hits. I’m sure you could edit the crash in a program like audacity and increase its volume and maybe compress it slightly and overwrite the one on the SD card.

This is one viable workaround, correct. You can edit the default gain volume on the WAV file to the level you like. You would just need to save that new file, and import it into the specific songs you want it in, in the Special Effect part.

quite cymbal on the foot switch, can we get an update that in the near future?

Not to hijack, but it seems some of the built in beats are louder than others. Anyone agree? Could some sort of a “gate” be built in to the software? Interesting idea about modifying an effect in Audacity. Never thought of that.