Cymbs Phase

Is it just me or does anyone else notice phasing on the crash cymbals when they hit the first beat of the bar?
Got a feeling its reacting to the hats on the same hit.

Never experienced anything like that.
Does that sound good to you?

Thanks Daefecator.
Certainly not.
apparently i have golden ears and hear stuff.
I have just narrowed it down,
when in the manager software, if you play a song using Virtual machine, and main beat is playing and you hit a fill, when it returns to the main beat, mostly there is a crash hit on the first beat of the main beat bar, even if your main beat doesn’t have a crash on the first beat, which tells me the fill beats are longer than 4 beats and hanging over when your main beat plays. This is confirmed if you play a fill in isolation from the audition button, there is a crash on the end of a 4 beat bar? on beat 5? and no phase.
I think that is where the problem is.
You may know more of the structure and workings inside of the beat buddy so is this how they get around not having a crash at the start of every main beat? if you get my drift

also just a note, its not as obvious on the the beat buddy itself.

Well, I remember hearing Jay talking about something like that.
I will look at what you are saying about, but most likely fills should currently end with a crash as they cannot directly add the crash to the next bar.

just realised,’ its not as obvious on the beat buddy itself’ my beat buddy is coming out of my voicelive 3 in mono.
Anyway yeh the fills have to be 5 beats long if they are going to play a crash on the first beat of the main beat so it must be an internal workings magic.

So have you found the solution for your issue? Please share, so other users (me included) can learn from it!

Sorry, No, not a solution just a theory why its happening.
I imagine when they designed it someone suggested pressing the pedal to get a fill… great, but drummers usually end a fill with a crash on the first beat of the next bar, to get that effect we would need a crash at the start of the main beat… not practical, so you would need the fill bar to be 5 beats long with a crash and maybe a kick on beat 5, acting as beat 1 of main beat and some internal processing to halt main beat by first beat while fill, fills in the gap with crash and kick. 1-2-3-4-5 / 2-3-4 and so on.
I’m probably totally wrong,
It seems like there’s something going on at that crossover between the 4-5 causing phasing, to me personally it make the crash sound false, anywhere else it sounds fine. It aint a deal breaker and i will live with it.

Have you played around with the release settings probably not related - details below taken from the firmware update announcement.

Better Sound!

Our goal is to make the BeatBuddy sound perfect. And in pursuit of perfection, no detail is too small. We noticed that there was one situation where the BeatBuddy’s beats sounded off. When the drummer hits the hi-hat and then closes it, the hi-hat mutes, or ‘chokes’, the sound of the open hi-hat as it closes. On a physical drum set, the resonance of the open hi-hat fades out as the hi-hat closes. But because the BeatBuddy is digital and was performing this instantly, the transition was too abrupt, creating a ‘skipping’ sound. So we added a ‘release time’ algorithm which fades out the choked sound over a period of time. This creates a smoother and more realistic sound.

We put in a release time of 100ms (1/10th of a second) because expert ears told us this sounds best (thank you c.granger). But if you want to experiment with the amount of Release Time used, you can adjust it by going to the Settings > Main Pedal > Release Time.

Hey Psalm40
it just chokes the crash, it sounds like a 18" hihat which is interesting

Didn’t think it would work, but it was worth a try.