Damaged .csv file?

Probably due to a BBM crash, the song list I have in my “Gig1” folder (in the PC), have been partially deleted.
The “Gig1” folder is contained in my “Nic” Project.

All the 36 .BBS songs/files are still there but the .csv file lists only the first 6 of them.

I tried to copy the (still good) .csv file from the SD to the PC (I found the correct and corresponding folder) but BBM, when starting, overwrites it and, again, it lists only 6 songs.

Is it possible to recover the songs list?

What is a .csv file you are talking about?

It’s a Comma Separated Value file.
There is one of them called “config.csv” in some of the project subfolders (DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, SONGS…) and they contain different informations depending on which one you consider.

The one within SONGS subfolder contains all the names of the “Genre”/subfolder (Blues, Rock, Percussions…) and the actual subfolder name.

The one located within each “Genre”/subfolder, contains the names of each song as they appear in BB display.

I had a look to the .csv file by Excel (just looking, never saving…)

If the project got corrupted on your PC, but is good on your pedal, you can try Import Project from Pedal.

If it is the other way round, then copy the files within your project, located in BBWORKSPACE, back to the SD card (DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, SONGS…)

I did it and named it with a different name but once imported and opened in BBM, listed songs are only 6.

I double checked, SD is ok and it has all the songs when inserted in BB.
Actual .bbs songs files are there, in SD and in PC, but when project is opened in BBM, BBM lists only first 6 of them.

Do you say your pedal lists all of your songs, but when you import it from the pedal to the BBManager, it lists only first 6 ones?

Or is it that your BBS files are on the SD card, yet the pedal also sees only first six of them?

Pedal list is ok. (and it will stay ok until I don’t sync… and I won’t sync until problem is solved…)
Once imported from pedal to BBM, BBM lists only the first 6 ones.

That’s correct. Do not sync. Which folder is missing songs?
If you could make some BBManager screenshots that shows songs are missing together with some screenshots of the project folders - that would be great.

I just un-installed BBM, now reinstalling…

  • I have to reinstall Test Version.
    Then I’ll try to do what you are asking me to do… :slight_smile:

I doubt reinstalling fixes this, but it is worth trying :slight_smile:

You are right. Problem is still there.

Folder of which BBM makes the songs list wrong, is called “Gig1” in BBM left bottom window.

Actual songs subfolder name in PC is E31D32F0 as you can see in the first picture and it still contains all the songs (.bbs files).

But still BBM lists only first 6 of them accordingly to the content of the config.csv file as you can read after the second picture.


The content of the config.csv file:

0766AB9.BBS,1. Blue Bossa - BS - Cmin7 (G13-2)
A6D7EE4E.BBS,2. Wave - BN2 -Dmaj7 (B12-1)
D39853D8.BBS,3. You’ve Got A Friend - Bl2s - G (G13-3)
3F72B473.BBS,4. Samba De Uma Nota So - Smb - Dmin7 (13)
D58380E3.BBS,5. Besame Mucho - BN2 - Cmin7 (C13-1)
2F06772A.BBS,6. Un’Avventura - Pop12 - G# (C13-2)

Needless to say that the file with same name located in the corresponding SD card subfolder, lists all 36 songs.
As I told you I tried to overwrite the bad file with the good one but it looks to me that BBM rebuilds .csv at startup.
Anyway I’m really not aware of how BBM works internally. I’m only sure about BBM make it wrong…

Not sure this will help, but I’m interested. Could you take a screenshot of the files and folders within BBWORKSPACE/USER_LIB/PROJECTS ?
It does sound like there is another project the BB is opening, not the one you reimported… this is very strange.
Another thought, rename the BBWORKSPACE folder to BBWORKSPACE.OLD and then reimport project from pedal. It should then recreate the BBWORKSPACE folder and all its content based on the data on the pedal.
I’m not an expert on how the BB works, however maybe some file has been corrupted on the SD card which the BB does not need, but the software does so it can’t unpack the contents properly - I’m just guessing now.

BBManager does indeed re-saves the CSV file. Close BBManager, replace CSV file, open BBManager again. This would potentially fix this for you.

If you went so far in identifying the faulty directory, you can simply open the CSV files and manually list all the songs :slight_smile:

@Daefecator : That’s what I already did: Close BBM, replace CSV, open BBM, only to find that CSV file was overwritten with partial data.
So I’m afraid that even if manually listing all the songs (I think to copy & paste from good file) file will be overwritten at first subsequent BBM startup.

@Psalm40: I’ll try to rename BBWORKSPACE as per your suggestion.

I’ll advice as soon as I tested these possible solutions.

Can you please upload the full CSV file (from your pedal) that gets truncated when you open BBManager? Just thought there may be some special symbols (in the song name) that make BBManager loose its mind on loading the project :slight_smile:

@Daefecator: BINGO! :slight_smile:

Seventh song name was “Have yourself a merry…” and the three dots seemed to generate the problem.
I removed them and then I started BBM and project. Everything is ok now!

Before that I tried Psalm40 suggestion but file still had the problem.

Thanks to both of you for your help!

Here is the faulty csv. (be warned, never use three dots in your songs names…)

A0766AB9.BBS,1. Blue Bossa - BS - Cmin7 (G13-2)
A6D7EE4E.BBS,2. Wave - BN2 -Dmaj7 (B12-1)
D39853D8.BBS,3. You’ve Got A Friend - Bl2s - G (G13-3)
3F72B473.BBS,4. Samba De Uma Nota So - Smb - Dmin7 (13)
D58380E3.BBS,5. Besame Mucho - BN2 - Cmin7 (C13-1)
2F06772A.BBS,6. Un’Avventura - Pop12 - G# (C13-2)
59B8B56D.BBS,7. Have Yourself A Merry… - Bl2s bld - D (E17-3)
7DABBE83.BBS,8. Just Friends - J2 - Cmaj7 (B12-1)
4B56DA19.BBS,9. Once I Loved - BN2 - Gmin7 (D15-3)
C283262B.BBS,10. Moon Flower - BS - Cmin7 (C13-1)
6041A7F1.BBS,11. Eu Nao Existo Sem Voce - BN2 - Gmaj7 (D15-3)
B1E40A81.BBS,12. Fragile - Samba - Dmin7 (A17-2)
02704CD8.BBS,13. Agua De Beber - Smb - Bmin7 (D15-3)
7B374C59.BBS,14. Oggi Sono Io - Shffl Fnk - Emin7 (B17-3)
094F3C91.BBS,15. Desafinado - BN2 - Fmaj7 (C13-1)
55995B2A.BBS,16. Back To Black - Shffl Beat - Dmin7 (15)
0DE53A82.BBS,17. Corcovado - BN2 - D-7b5 (E17-2)
0711E340.BBS,18. Msg In A Bottle - Pop12 - Amin7 (E12-2)
9F58313B.BBS,19. Estate - BN2 - Cmin7 (G13-1)
A8FD2033.BBS,20. The Old Country - Smb - E-7b5 (A12-1)
724DA2C8.BBS,21. The Nearness Of You - BN2 - Fmaj7 (C11-2)
8E25DAC1.BBS,22. Quando - BN2 - Emin7 - (B17-2)
B60CCB56.BBS,23. The Girl From Ipanema - BS - Fmaj7 (10)
CBEA9FDA.BBS,24. Senza Fine - Bl3 - C (D15-3)
DA9A91E3.BBS,25. La Bambola - Bl1 - Amin7 (E15-1)
89430948.BBS,26. Maxine - Bl3 - Fmin7 (G15-2) - C#-7 (G15-3)
EF331D9B.BBS,27. There Is No Greater Love - Bl2 sft - Emaj7 (Eb16-2)
F04341B5.BBS,28. My One And Only Love - Bl3 - Fmaj7 (C11-1)
DDAA5F23.BBS,29. My One And Only Love - J7 - Fmaj7 (C11-1)
95603DFC.BBS,30. It Might As Well Be Spring - Smb - Cmaj7 (G13-2)
14AEB659.BBS,31. Manha De Carnaval - BN - Gmin7 (D15-2)
9D96D02C.BBS,32. Michelle - J2mod - D - (A12-1)
265F1E97.BBS,33. Fly Me To The Moon - J2 - Amin7 (C13-2)
0C17387C.BBS,34. Misty - J1 - Cmaj7 (G10-1)
4404B935.BBS,35. Autumn Leaves - J2mod - Cmin7 (G13-3)
20BB3FBA.BBS,36. Que Sera’ - BN - Amin7 (E12-1)

One for the knowledge base, pleased you got it resolved :slight_smile: