Dan's Analogue Drums SplitSticks drum kit

This topic is about Dan’s Analogue Drums SplitSticks drum kit, a user-created drum set for the BeatBuddy drum pedal.

Dan’s Split Sticks Drum Kit is a drum set based on the Analogue Drums SplitSticks drum samples (http://www.analoguedrums.com/details-ss.php). SplitSticks is a Slingerland 4-piece '60s kit with Zildjian cymbals played with HotRods™ split sticks for a laid-back and intimate drum sound-somewhere between the sound of brushes and regular sticks. Tracked through a '74 Neve desk and onto a magnetic roll of tape.

You must purchase the Analogue Drums SplitSticks kit separately. This Beat Buddy drum kit will not work without you purchasing the samples. Please honor the copyright agreement of the third-party kit and patronize our music industry professionals for all they do. Currently the price of the kit is $15.

Below is the full listing of the instruments and MIDI instrument number they are assigned. A MIDI song which plays on this set will cause the instrument to sounds when that key number is played live or in a song. For example, the note C3, MIDI note nunber 52 will make a crash cymbal sound.

This drum set will not change any drum sets, songs, or sounds in your BeatBuddy pedal. This drum set is an additive overlay to your pedal and will not destroy any settings or work that you have.


  1. On your computer, find your BeatBuddy workspace. On a Windows computer, this is typically c:\Users\YourName\My Documents\BBworkspace. This document will refer to this location as . The user name and the workspace folder may be different on your computer.
  2. Download the drum kit ZIP file from Dan’s DropBox at https://www.dropbox.com/s/upaiqc5xl5sy9 … t.zip?dl=0 . Use a ZIP tool such as 7Zip to unpack the archive ZIP file onto your file system. If you put the ZIP file in your BeatBuddy workspace and unzip, the files should all go in the right folders. You should see a README file in the workspace folder, the SplitSticks.DRM drum set file in the workspace/user_lib/drum_sets folder.
  3. Copy your purchased drum kit sample files to your BeatBuddy work space. The BB drum kit expects the samples to be in the file path \user_lib\wave_sources\AnalogueDrums\SplitSticks\Wav. So in that last Wav folder you should see files CSlingerLndKick22-DynHR01.wav.
  4. Use the BeatBuddy manager software “File > OpenDrumset” to open the SplitSticks.DRM file under \user_lib\drum_sets. Select the “Drum Sets” tab and double-click AnalogueDrumsSplitSticks to load drum set. Try a few of the existing MIDI songs with the new drum set.
  5. If you like the set, use the BeatBuddy manager to sync the workspace with your USB-attached pedal or the BeatBuddy SD card in your computer card slot.
Note # General MIDI   AD Splitsticks
    31                Splash Edge
A0  33 					 
B0  35 Bass Drum 2
C1  36 Bass Drum 1	 Kick Drum
    37 Side Stick/Rim Snare Cross-Stick
    38 Snare Drum 1	 Snare Center
    39 Hand Clap		 Snare Drag
    40 Snare Drum 2   Snare Cross-Stick
    41 Low Tom 2      
    42 Closed Hi-hat  High-Hat Closed
    43 Low Tom 1		 High Tom
    44 Pedal Hi-hat	 High-Hat Pedaled
    45 Mid Tom 2		 Low Tom
    46 Open Hi-hat	 High-Hat Open
    47 Mid Tom 1      
C2  48 High Tom 2		 Low Tom 2
    49 Crash Cymbal 1 Crash 1
    50 High Tom 1		 
    51 Ride Cymbal 1	 Ride Cymbal Bow
    52 Chinese Cymbal Crash 2
    53 Ride Bell		 Ride Cymbal Bell
    54 Tambourine     
    55 Splash Cymbal	 Splash Edge
    56 Cowbell        Splash Edge
    57 Crash Cymbal 2 
    58 Vibra Slap     
    59 Ride Cymbal 2	 
C3  60 High Bongo     
    61 Low Bongo      
    62 Mute High Cong
    63 Open High Cong Hi-Hat Loose
    64 Low Conga
    65 High Timbale
    66 Low Timbale
    67 High Agogô     
    68 Low Agogô      
    69 Cabasa         
    70 Maracas        
    71 Short Whistle  
C4  72 Long Whistle   
    73 Short Güiro    
    74 Long Güiro     
    75 Claves         
    76 High Wood Bloc 
    77 Low Wood Block 
    78 Mute Cuíca     
    79 Open Cuíca     
    80 Mute Triangle  
A4  81 Open Triangle  

This drum kit has been tested with many of the BeatBuddy standard songs. Let me know if any songs do not work, if there are any bad sounds, or any other changes. I am committed to providing updates to the drum kit.

Beat Buddy performance drum pedal - http://mybeatbuddy.com
Dan Becker, Beat Buddy enthusiast - http://www.danbecker.info/
Analogue Drums, drum kits - http://www.analoguedrums.com/
7Zip Archive tool - http://www.7-zip.org/

Version 1.0.0 - Original release

Sounds interesting (no pun intended) any chance of a demo either video or audio just to see how it sounds?

Sure. Give me a few days to try to come up with something.

The Analogue Drums folks were awesome, very responsive, and impressed with the Beat Buddy pedal. They supported the use of their drum samples in Beat Buddy drum kits so long as no sample files were included in any distribution.

Great drum recording. I am happy to spread this to all the Beat Buddies. Thanks, Dan

This worked great - thank you for doing it!

This kit is perfect to tone things down for acoustic gigs - well worth the $15.

Your clear instructions also helped me understand better how BB approaches setting up the files to install kits, so that was tremendously helpful as well.

Hi Dan, downloaded the drum set and got it up and running. It sounds great with the Jazz songs but not so much with the country ones…any suggestions?

Does anyone know where I can find some samples of this the Splitstick kit?

I’m new to the BeatBuddy and on a step learning curve. I’ve installed the SplitSticks kit as described above although am confused by what this screen is saying. I’m not sure if the installation worked correctly.

How do use each of the different sounds for each drum?

This drum kit has been tested with many of the BeatBuddy standard songs. Let me know if any songs do not work, if there are any bad sounds, or any other changes. I am committed to providing updates to the drum kit.

Hi there,

I am new to BeatBuddy and on a step learning curve. I’ve downloaded your SplitSticks kit and had a go at installing it, although I doesn’t seem to sound at all like the demo files on http://www.analoguedrums.com/details-ss.php.

Not sure what I’ve done wrong. I’ve purchased and downloaded SplitSticks. I copied all the WAV files to \user_lib\wave_sources\AnalogueDrums\SplitSticks\Wav. I get the following screen, which appears to suggest it worked but the sound of the kit when I apply it to songs isn’t what I expected at all.


I was also wondering how it is possible to use some of the other kits from Analogue Drums, like Kingpin?