Dan's PercussionDLX drum kit

If you don’t check it, you won’t be able to select it in the Drumset combobox to the upper right from what your screenshot shows. If you don’t select your drumset in that combobox, you won’t be able to preview songs with that drumset and select it in the pedal as well.

Short answer: check it, and forget about it.

Can’t wait for this to become a bit more intuitive with more tutorials and vids.

Can I not just drop this file into my drumset folder on my BB and be able to use it? Do I have to go through the manager in order for it to be usable on the pedal?

Both yes and yes. In order for the pedal to “see” the files you dropped they must be registered in corresponding CONFIG.CSV files in the directory you put your files to.

Using BBManager to edit pedal content is mandatory at this point in time.

I’m downloading a bunch of new sets and songs. My question for this drum set is if I load the .DRM file, do I also need to load the .wav files onto my SD card or is that all done automatically?

The .DRM file already contains all the WAV files it needs internally, so no need to worry about that. WAV files are necessary only for accent hits, and yes, they are managed automatically.

Dan, is the DropBox link still working? I can’t seem to be able to download… Keep getting 404 errors.


Hi Dan, seasonal greetings. Simple question. How do I create or edit midi files that use your Dan’s PercussionDLX please? I have created songs/beats for other kits using BeatBuilder.jar application but it seems that I am unable to do this with your kit. What midi programme should I use? Many thanks for your patience with all these questions.

What software are you using to create new kits and songs please?

quick question. Im trying to just get a simple bass drum and tambourine set created much like a mumford and sons song. would this set be the way to go about doing this?

BBManager can be used to swap parts (loops, fills, transitions, intro/outro) between songs as well as changing tempo or drum kit. Beat Builder (a free Java program available on this forum) will allow you to generate new or edit existing midi beat files. Some folks are using 3rd party software to generate midi files but file compatibility with the BB is sometimes an issue.

BBManager has drum kit building capability built in but you have to be able to externally generate or otherwise get access to .wav files for all the instruments you want in your kit. BBManager can’t record or generate .wav files for you.

I think you should investigate Beatbuilder. It’s a simple midi creator made by a guy on these forums. It’s a very simple way to create your own midi beats. If you want simple beats with the instruments you want, this is the way! Create your own!

cajon kit?do you have?

I’m sure you’ll find it on here if you search :slight_smile: (Resources/drumkits)

BTW, love the avatar (along with all Strats).

oh that one?thanks! its my assembled texas special custom shop.

big problem here…,I cant open dropbox site. maybe because I’m in china??

See the reply to your post RE Angelo’s Cajon.

Hi Dan, your DropBox link isn’t working. I also keep getting 404 errors.
Do you have happen to have another link to download your “Dan’s PercussionDLX drum kit”.
Thank you.

Try this link instead http://www.danbecker.info/guitars/DansPercussionDLX-101.zip

If the download pauses, try resuming it. Very slow connection so I assume Dan’s hosting it from his computer.

Thank you persist.
Unfortunately, it never downloads to it’s full size.
It never passes 10 or 11 MB and always without the ability to resume.