Dan's PercussionDLX drum kit

I created Dan’s PercussionDLX as a percussion-based drum set which uses some
of the drum sounds from the BeatBuddy Percussion set, but also adds
a whole new library of percussion sounds: tambourines, bells, blocks, shakers, etc.

Below is the full listing of the instruments and MIDI instrument number
they are assigned. The standard Beat Buddy sounds are marked with an asterisk (*).
A MIDI song which plays on this set will cause the instrument to play when that
key number is pressed live or in a song. For example, the note C3, MIDI note number 60
will make a high bongo sound.

This drum set will not change any drum sets, songs, or sounds in your
BeatBuddy pedal. This drum set is an additive overlay to your pedal and
will not destroy any settings or work that you have. The new WAV samples
will take approximately 82 MB on your BeatBuddy SD card.


  1. On your computer, find your BeatBuddy workspace. On a Windows computer,
    this is typically c:\Users\YourName\My Documents\BBworkspace.
    The user name and the workspace folder may be difference on your machine.
  2. Use a ZIP tool such as 7Zip to unpack the archive ZIP file onto
    your file system BB workspace folder. You should see this README file in the
    BB workspace folder, the PercussionDLX.DRM drum set file in the
    workspace/user_lib/drum_sets folder, and a sound library DansPercussion
    under the workspace/user_lib/wave_sources folder.
  3. Use the BeatBuddy manager software to open the PercussionDLX drum set. Try
    a few of the existing BB MIDI songs with the new drum set. Open the PercussionDLX
    drum set and play some of the other instruments in the wave_sources/DansPercussion
  4. If you like the drum set, use the BeatBuddy manager to sync the workspace with
    your USB-attached BB pedal or the BeatBuddy SD card in your computer card slot.
    Try the PercussionDLX kit with some of the standard songs on your pedal.
    Have fun and let me know of any problems.

[FONT=Courier New]Note # General MIDI Dan’s PercussionDLX[/FONT]
[FONT=Courier New]A0 33 Metronome*
B0 35 Bass Drum 2 Dog Bark
34 Duck Quack
C1 36 Bass Drum 1 Djembe Bass Mute*
37 Side Stick/Rim Frog Beater
38 Snare Drum 1 DJembe Finger Open*
39 Hand Clap Hand Claps
40 Snare Drum 2 Djembe Mute*
41 Low Tom 2
42 Closed Hi-hat Maracas Small
43 Low Tom 1 Udu 4*
44 Pedal Hi-hat Finger Snaps
45 Mid Tom 2 Tom 3*
46 Open Hi-hat Cabasa Long*
47 Mid Tom 1
C2 48 High Tom 2 Tom 2*
49 Crash Cymbal 1 Crash Cymbal 1*
50 High Tom 1 Udu 1*
51 Ride Cymbal 1 Sleigh Bells
52 Chinese Cymbal Tubular Bell
53 Ride Bell Tambourine Skin
54 Tambourine Tambourine Edge
55 Splash Cymbal Splash 1*
56 Cowbell Cow Bell
57 Crash Cymbal 2 Crash Cymbal2*
58 Vibra Slap Vibra Slap
59 Ride Cymbal 2 Splash 2*
C3 60 High Bongo Bongo High
61 Low Bongo Bongo Low
62 Mute High Cong
63 Open High Cong
64 Low Conga
65 High Timbale
66 Low Timbale
67 High Agogô Agogô High
68 Low Agogô Agogô Low
69 Cabasa Cabasa
70 Maracas Maracas Medium
71 Short Whistle Ocarina
C4 72 Long Whistle Tin Whistle
73 Short Güiro Short Güiro
74 Long Güiro Long Güiro
75 Claves Clavas
76 High Wood Bloc Med Wood Block
77 Low Wood Block High Wood Block
78 Mute Cuíca Toy Piano
79 Open Cuíca Harmonica Blast
80 Mute Triangle Triangle
A4 81 Open Triangle Finger Cymbals[/FONT]

  • denotes an instrument provided by BeatBuddy

Beat Buddy performance drum pedal - http://mybeatbuddy.com
Dan Becker, Beat Buddy enthusiast - http://www.danbecker.info/
7Zip Archive tool - http://www.7-zip.org/

If the ZIP archive file is not available on this forum posting, you may download it from
http://www.danbecker.info/guitars/DansPercussionDLX-101.zip or my public DropBox folder
at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3834471/DansPercussionDLX-101.zip. The file is
115 MB (mega-bytes) long. (This BeatBuddy User Forum seems to time out or not accept
a file of this length.)

Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan, thanks for sharing your work!

I’m unable to complete the download. Each time, I get the following error:

C:\Users\Curt\Downloads\DansPercussionDLX.zip: Unexpected end of archive

I’m getting various filesizes downloaded when this happens. Have tried about 7 times. Usually ranges between 21-72MB before it stops.

Hey c.granger,
Sorry to hear it could not be downloaded. That must be my site provider (GoDaddy.com) not able to give the download within your browser timeout.

I know the URL is correct from the fact that I downloaded it through the forum link, and you also were able to start a download.

Hopefully this forum can provide me a place to upload the file. I could not attach it to the post because 135 MB was too big. I just copied it to my public DropBox folder. Here is the public link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/383 … ionDLX.zip

Let me know if this works. Thanks, Dan

I was able to successfully download it from your Drop Box link.


Hey Dan,

I’ve been using some of your sounds to create unique kits, (THANKS AGAIN!) such as using the stock Rock kit and adding bongos, etc. I’ve found some of the wav files have tiny space before the actual sound is produced, by opening them in a wav editor. This causes improperly times hits when using them in kits. I opened the high and low bongo files and deleted all the pre-hit space, and tried again in one of the songs I’m created and this fixed the issue. I created a song a few days ago with tambourine, and it was off too, so I imagine this could be a issue with many of the wav files in your DLX kit.

Just thought I’d let you know in case this caused issued with other kits/songs, etc.

Thanks for the feedback. I will go back and tighten the edits on all the sounds. With the long holiday weekend, I should have it in a few days and will post about the revision here.

Thanks for helping me become a better beat buddy, Dan

Hey All,
I’ve tightened up all edits on my “Dan’s PercussionDLX” drum kit. You can download the zip file from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3834471/DansPercussionDLX-101.zip and follow instructions in the original post to unzip it and export it to your BeatBuddy SD card or pedal.

Please notice that the ZIP file name now has a 101 in it, signifying version 1.0.1. All sound samples now start on the very first sound byte to ensure good tight beat. The files tails have also been shortened, resulting in fewer samples, and a easier player load. As a result the sound samples are often about 33% shorter.

Have fun and let me know if there are problems. -Dan

When attempting to try your drum set I select PercussionDLX from the drop down and click the pedal to play. I then get the following message:

There are unsaved modifications in the current song. Do you want to save the song?

Does this mean I have to save the song in order to try out your drums? What if I don’t want the song to include your songs, that means I have to change back and resave? That seems odd. Seems one should be able to audition parts without having to save.

Hey timmyd, sorry to hear that issue. I do not have that with my setup. My set or files do not include any songs.

Was there a song you were working on? Perhaps you click save, and then you can proceed? Hopefully you can ignore and try out my set. Let me know if any of these options work.

Thanks, Dan

Hi! This is probably a stupid question but what software do you guys use to create the .drm files?
Can someone make a video tutorial about that because apparently Beat Buddy sells pedal and asumes that everyone knows how to make a drum kit.

Please let me know!

Hi Ben,
There is a short manual/tutorial file included with the Beatbuddy manager which explains how to make a drum set using the BBM.

Good luck!

Hey Ben,
It is not a stupid question at all. The DRM files are not a standard MIDI file, but rather a file BB created to link MIDI notes to WAV sound. You use the BB Manager software to view an existing drum kit, or copying and editing a drum kit, or creating a new drum kit from scratch. Each DRM file defines one kit that can be downloaded to your BB pedal or SD card.

To browse or edit a DRM file, start BB Manager, select the tab on the left for “Drum Sets”. Select one set and see the MIDI note names, and the WAV files associated with the MIDI note name. Press the play buttons to hear what sounds are there. You can also “Add” new MIDI notes that BB has not yet used and are unassigned.

Sorry, I do not have a video for this. Also many of the settings are not found in any manual or post so far. I have a Feature Request to create a user guide for this. This weekend, I might be able to take some screen shots and show you how I made my kit.

Thanks, Dan

Well, I don’t know… I was just trying to figure out how to use your drums. This is still pretty confusing.

so, the question again is, if I am trying out your drum set, I need to click SAVE correct? What if I don’t like the drum set? I assume I select the previous drum set and need to click SAVE again? Is it not possible to audition different drum sets without saving?

Currently, you need to save the drumsets almost every time they are opened for editing. This, however, can be viewed as a minor inconvenience that will be fixed if there will be enough time.

When attempting to use the PercussionDLX I assume the check box needs to be checked? What is this for?

Checkbox means that given drumset should be available in combobox in the top of the BBManager. You should also select it there!
If I am not mistaken, if checkbox isn’t set the drumset won’t be loaded into the pedal to save memory. The drumset will still be there on SD card, but won’t be available to select.

Combo box? Are you referring to the Drum Sets tab as I show in the screenshot? What is meant by “selecting it there”?

I am speaking about the dropdown Drumset combobox in the Playback section of BBManager right after [Start] and [Stop] buttons.
Make sure you have your drumset selected there.

Combobox usually looks like a box with a dropdown selection list.

Ok. So what does the check box in my screenshot do then?