Danube Waves in surf rock style: Beatbuddy for a song +100 years old

For those who like waltz, you might be familiar with the original version of the tune. But 11 year old guitarist Mina Pang and her dad wanted to add a twist and decided to do a surf rock Jokers’ version of Danube Waves. I found on wiki that the tune was composed by Iosif Ivanovici in 1880, and when it comes to Romania, Mina and I only know of this song and the Count. Of course you know which Count. That’s why you see him making a guest appearance in the footage.

Once again, Beatbuddy has worked wonders even for a song over 100 years old.

We had mass nucleic testing here for all 710K people 3 times in 2 months (so no need to go to work nor school) , and a typhoon is here with so much rain. The whole city is being kind of dead so we stay at home and play some music. Hope you like it !


Always love your video. Super adaptation and cover.

Must. Have. More!

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