Dave Matthews - Everyday and/or others

I was surprised not to see any Dave Matthews on here! We’re playing a party on Friday and it’s one of the guests birthday so we thought we’d play a tune or two by her favorite band. Any help would be appreciated!

I could only find one song with drums so I worked that up as DOP & OPB versions

I couldn’t find any and pieced together a version of GreyStreet and Ants Marching.
They are ok, I’m still trying to get them to sound more lifelike. I might have missed your date - but thought I should share.

GS - no 3rd verse per many live versions.
The Ants jam is extended (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x hits) but the rest is per the studio version.

GreyStreet_-_Dave_Matthews_Band_1P.sng (755.2 KB)

Ants_Marching_-_Dave_Matthews_Band_1P.sng (5.3 KB)

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Thanks - while that gig is done, I live in the US suburbs so DMB is always a request.

Gave 'em a listen - sound good to me. Just making sure that they are just drums, correct?