DAW cotrol of Beatbuddy

I have scoured all sources of information I can think of to see if I can control my be buddy with cakewalk. It would be great to automate some of my foot work by using my DAW to step through intros, song parts, fills, etc. I understand the MIDI cc commands that I need to put into BB but I can’t figure out how to make cakewalk issue those commands. Sounds like BB instrument definitions might help here but I’m not a MIDI expert. Has anyone by chance built cakewalk instrument definitions for BB?

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I use CC’s to control the Beatbuddy with Cakewalk all the time. To start, open the preferences. Make sure the Beatbuddy is recognized. Go to the section under PROJECT and check the option for “Transmit MIDI Start/Continue/Stop/Clock” and check the appropriate port under “MIDI Sync Output ports” for the BeatBuddy. This will send all the commands to the BeatBuddy. To enter the CC’s, create a MIDI Track for the Beatbuddy and configure it for the the Beatbuddy - Output/Input Channels. Then make sure on the MIDI channel strip you set the correct MIDI channel, Bank (this is set at 1 less than the Beatbuddy folder (example 2. Blues for example would be set at 1) and the patch would be the appropriate beat in that folder. This sets any preload beat. Now to enter the CC’s, open the Event List for the Beatbuddy MIDI track, and enter the information. As an example, click on the + (top left of Event List window), will add an event. Adjust the TIME (HMSF) for the measure and beat to send the command, double click on the entry for KIND to bring up the selection box for the type of event, select CONTROLLER. click on the DATA and enter the CC (example 108 to set the volume) and then the last column (mine isn’t labeled) anter the CC value (example to set the volume at 50%, enter 50). There is a document available here (search MIDI Implementation for it), this lists all the CC’s you can use. Works well for me. Any questions, just let me know…

Wow! that was a lot easier than I expected. Thanks very much for your help.

I can send you one of the sequences I did if you need an example…

Sure. It would be great to see what you did. Thanks again.

Sorry this took me a while to get back to you, even though I’m retired, I still work a bit to keep busy!!

Here’s a link to the Beatles - “Hey Jude” that I did. You may have to make some changes to play it correctly as I use a Roland Sound Canvas module for my instruments. You may also need to make a correction in the event file for the first CC - 116, selecting the drumset. I used the Vintage drum kit.

Here’s the link --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/45jlcl5807td3ar/Hey%20Jude%20-%20with%20Beat%20Buddy%20CC’s.cwp?dl=0

Hope it helps…

I got it going, thanks to you!

“There is a document available here (search MIDI Implementation for it), this lists all the CC’s you can use.”

Can you post the link to the midi commands documentation? I’m having a beast of a time finding it.

BeatBuddy-MIDI-Settings-New-Firmware.pdf (279.3 KB) Couldn’t find it myself, so I uploaded it. This is from Singular Sound, and it’s their manual…

Hope this helps.

I believe that’s the same ‘MIDI Settings’ document I found and downloaded which is for firmware v1.77. It may be close to current versions, but some of the MIDI functions have changed since v1.77, so the document may not correctly represent the version currently in your BB. Would have been nice to have put the firmware version and date on the document.

There has been an update in a different thread

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