DAW suggestions?

Hi everybody!

Recently I have started upgrading my rig and I’m trying to make it BeatBuddy centric… and I could use some advice. So far, I’ve linked the audio outs of my BeatBuddy and guitar, linked the MIDI ins and outs of the beatbuddy to my audiointerface (Behringer 1820) and I’m looking for a DAW that:

A. Gets the tempo from BeatBuddy or at least one that can send the tempo to BeatBuddy.
B. Can record MIDI notes and can edit MIDI tracks
C. Can playback MIDI back to BeatBuddy (this one would be nice, but it is not required)
D. Has a looper function (similar to Quantiloop, but for windows). I thought about buying a iRig Pro Duo and using it with Quantiloop, but I’m afraid it will only add latency, since it will go through my main interface also.
E. It would be awesome if it would be able to start / stop on MIDI messages received from BeatBuddy.
F. Is Win 10 compatible

So far I’ve tried (without much succes) FL Studio and Reaper. FL Studio can only act as a master and I cannot get Reaper to read tempo from the BeatBuddy, no matter how hard I’ve tried…

So if any of you has a similar setup, I could use some advices… :slight_smile: