Dead again

No power at all on my pedal
Not received a new pedal for the same reason
Need to check adapter tomorrow
I’m sure it is fine
But must check it is so flimsy
Starting to really worry about the reliability of the pedal
Treating it like gold…havent even gigged with it yet
Surely I can’t be that unlucky
Only a couple of months into it
Very very frustrating

Just received

Bad luck or . . . ? Time to contact

Shouldn’t have to handle with any more care than a regular effects pedal.

I agree
But after having had problems with the 1st pedal have been extra careful
I hope it is the adapter but I’m not confident
Incredibly frustrating

Do you have a digital multimeter that you can read the voltage from the power adaptor tip? Also, I’m sure you’ve done this, but is the power adaptor tip fully and firmly seated in the pedal power port? If you wiggle it, will it light up the pedal display?

I’ve taken it to be tested at a local electrical store
Unfortunately it’s not the adapter
Fortunately the retailer I bought it off is sending me my second replacement pedal
Very worried though as I have looked after it well
Thanks for your support