Dead Flowers D

The Rolling Stones … The Glimmer Twins
‘Kings of Country music’ …lol
… for when you’re sitting back .
By Request
Tempo 125bpm

Dead Flowers D.pdf (149.1 KB)
Dead_Flowers_D_.sng (559.0 KB)

Love this tune.

Hi, I was trying to download your sng file but couldn’t open it. What’s really strange is that every time I click on it, the I-Tunes Window opens. Didn’t have this problem before so I’m not sure if it has to do with my computer or if anybody else experienced this too?


Hi and thanks for responding so quick! I tried right clicking but didn’t work. When I try to save file to desktop, etc. it opens up my Itunes window intstead. Very strange, since I never had this problem before. Let me try Firefox and see if that makes a difference.

It must be my computer. I tried opening opening official Beatbuddy site with Firefox but that didn’t work at all. Even We just switched to different internet provider and maybe that has something to do with it - even though that seems really unlikely? What a bummer - I was really looking forward to playing with your track. Thanks.

Problem solved! Had my teenage son look at it and he saw right away that my computer defaulted to open any sound file to I-Tunes! Got your track onto the SD card and it sounds great. Thank you so much.

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Can anyone repost that, please?