Dead "I Know You Rider"

Did not see this already posted. Anyone have something on this or is doing it with a stock beat?

Which version or versions do you like? Give me the name of 5he album or the concert(s). I’ll see what I have. There is a really nice Byrds version that I like.

Thanks as always. I’ve listened to a lot versions for a ‘clean’ take and Marty Stuart seems to be closest to the Dead (minus the jamming). A pretty straight shuffle repetitive beat with fills might work. Lots of folks have covered Blind Lemon’s song since the 1920s but the straight up version seems to work best. There are some good live versions from the Dead & Co tour with John Mayer (but open room recording is seriously cluttered) like this one - starting at 2:20.

Cool. With video I can do it. Should be up tomorrow.

Direct from video? I read that was difficult at best. To quote Monty Python’s Sir Bedivere “Who are you who is so wise in the ways of science?” Of course he was dealing with King Arthur and alleged witches not MIDI but still…magic.

Ears to music, plus notes on chords, etc. Trying to get the feel, not note for note.

Was that so hard??? :cool:

Easy for those with talent and skills to match. Many of us are in the debt of you and those like you on this forum. Besides it took you so little time to get this done??? I appreciate especially the MIDI and details you supply. As I slowly gain ground understanding MIDI that is a tutorial in and of itself…and keeps the other guys in the band happy as we increase song style diversity. Its like having a 4th member of the band.

For a relatively simple song like this, I was able to use Band-in-a-Box to generate the midis. Those midi 1,2 and 3 files in the root folder are those. I just had to get the right parameters into Band-in-a Box and listen to tracks to make sure the feel was in the ballpark. Sometimes, that doesn’t work, and I have to write the drums from scratch, just using my impression of what I hear in the recording. I have a pretty good feel for bass, having been a tuba player in high school and college, so I can make a respectable bass part. But, for this song, Band-in-a-Box did a real good job. I had to do some cutting and pasting of drum parts, and some other editing for the intro and outro, but often, Band-in-a-Box is a Godsend for me. And I guess that is not as straightforward as I make it sound, as there is a base level of knowledge needed to be able to do some of this quickly. But, I did feel like I got real lucky with this one, having found 3 viable styles in a Band-in-a-Box collection to make a nice little arrangement of the song.

Oh and for any Dead stuff, this site is beyond amazing:

Should add that coming from sax/flute beginnings - now mostly guitar and vocal - and as a sometime bass player I have carefully labored over the bass part in ‘Willin’ you provided to sound legit. Simply opening it in Aria and selecting ‘notes’ in the view. Once again…thanks.

Many thanks Phil (Flood aka Biggus) - quick update from last night’s rehearsal. I Know You Rider ran great (we need to smooth the unison vocals so I’ll wait to upload it) and will go live Friday night. Rather than figure how to catch the outro I’ll just let the main loop run as needed and return to sing the lead line 3x (hit pause the 3rd x acapella to end). Also Willin’ is beautiful. My bass playing is now at least adequate as I mirror what you wrote in. While I’m at it a nod to the other Phil and Persist for Black Magic Woman which will also fly nicely thanks to their nicely tuned efforts and our awesome lead guitarist.

What I do to get the Outro triggered when I want it, is to have one of the buttons on the external switch set to When Playing>Outro. That is half the battle. The other half is getting the timing right. To do that, I have the Main
Pedal setting - Cue Fill Period set to Next Measure. That way, instead of using the default Immediately, as long as I hit the button on the external pedal ANY TIME in the last measure of the loop, it will accurately trigger the outro smoothly immediately after the main loop. If you are normally running One Press songs, having the Cue Fill Period set to Next Measure won’t impact your use of the pedal, since you’re not normally trying to trigger transitions or fills. That is why I think of my “jam version” songs as modified one-Press songs. (Ok, I know it takes 2 presses, one for the start, and one to start the outro.) With the setting on Next Measure, you get a fair amount of leeway. Your timing on the foot press does not need to be perfect. It just needs to be in the last measure.