debugging attempts - any midi gurus?

Thanks for your patience
I hope the following makes sense.
I’m on FIRM-1.8.5 and Windows10 home.

Initial Goal:
[INDENT] Songwriting/Recording use. I want to record the clock and drum information so I can add tracks later.[/INDENT]
[INDENT] I tried and failed to get Reaper and Scarlet 6i6 and Beatbuddy all talking together.[/INDENT]
New Idea:
[INDENT] Try for a simpler case:
I bought an additional usb to midi pair from an electronics shop, (skip Scarlet)
I downloaded MIDI-OX utility, (skip Reaper)[/INDENT]
[INDENT] I can now see a midi-clock tracking in MIDI-OX after a Beatbuddy intro completes, nice
No drum notes are going into MIDI-OX – perhaps this is a Beatbuddy copyright issue?

EDIT - This works now I took Big E’s tip below and enabled note events in BeatBuddys Main Pedal Midi Menu :slight_smile:
New Idea:
[INDENT] Maybe I can get beat Buddy to start and follow clock from MIDI-OX?
If so, I could potentially get this to work from a more complicated program[/INDENT]
[INDENT] I ticked the send clock box on MIDI-OX and also hit the play button,
The MIDI-OX display started listing midi events, but no response from Beatbuddy
(set on its default midi settings with all its cabling in place)[/INDENT]
Next Idea
[INDENT] I will try playing one of the Beatbuddy’s supplied midi patterns using MIDI-OX
and try to get the Beatbuddy to sound out the result[/INDENT]
[INDENT] No progress on this as yet[/INDENT]

Hoping for some clear steps if any are known
Thanks heaps

You probably need to go into settings and setup how the bb handles midi. I don’t know what the default setting is for handling note on/off events in midi in but if it’s off or dissabled, then the bb is not going to follow what you are sending it, well it will but it’ll just ignore it.

Thanks Big E!
Strangely the default in Beatbuddy seems to be notes disabled, I found the menu and enabled notes and are now receiving them in MidiOx.
Next I will try to get them going in a DAW program and on my usual hardware.
I hope to keep you guys posted on how I go


Thanks to big E,
I now have midi coming out of the beatbuddy and being recorded into reaper as a midi track.
I can even see the piano roll laid down as it records. Excellent

No luck getting the resulting midi track to play the notes back into beatbuddy.
Any tips or guesses?

Thanks heaps.