Decay for overdubs

We removed this from the 4.3.x version it was not stable, it briefly debuted in beta 4.3.0 which is no longer available.

It will be available again in the next version

Hi Brennan(and all the singular sound’s stuff) first of all… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Second…I would like to know if you see impossible to achieve “progressive decay” with the aeros.
And if this will be possible with firmware changes… or if it will only be possible by changing the hardware.

Thanks guys for every little step to improve Aeros.

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After studying most posts here on the forum I get the impression that loop decay like featured on the Ditto loopers is one of the most requested features for the Aeros.
I finally came to accept that this is just not happening on the Aeros. Anyway it would be useless if it only works in a pre-determined fashion through the settings and not spontaneously via expression pedal or something else.

I agree. I am still using my Ditto X4 while my Aeros unit is gathering dust on the shelf. I saw now the release of the Decay function in the 5.0.0 firmware update and it is as flawed as it was when originally released. I won’t wait another couple of years for this to be implemented. So, sadly, my Aeros will have to be sold. Barely used it.

I must say, this version 5.0 is a real improvement and I love to use the Aeros for many things. Unfortunately it lacks spontaneity and requires to much predefined settings for each tune.
Especially syncing and unsyncing tracks on the flay makes the Ditto superior in these fields.
Well, and loop decay is really so fundamental for every musician who is using loopers for other things like top 40 cover songs…
Still I will keep mine - just for the 6x6 mode alone it totally rocks!!!

Loop Decay has been implemented in it’s first form in 5.0.0 which was released as a beta over christmas

Happy New Year!

This is something we are looking into soon, we know it’s important to you guys but the mechanism for undoing and redoing and the ability to continue overdubbing over the loop seam without creating a new layer are in conflict with this ability and we must spend some time to see how we can make it work

More news soon, we will be looking into it

That’s not necessarily the case, it is just not the only thing we have been requested to do. It may still be possible, we know it is important to users.

It definitely is not a couple of years away if we do it

We are working on solutions to improve this, remember that 5.0.0 is still in beta


Great to hear/read this. I am loving the Aeros anyway. In the meantime I will continue to use it in tandem with the the Ditto, but I can’t wait for the day to do it all in Aeros!

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Hi Brennan, thanks for your responses.

Reading through the users’ comments one more time (including my own) I can’t help but feel some degree of greediness, given that such a massive update has been offered FOR FREE to all the users.

I do think SS ought to consider charging some (reasonable) amount for updates that involve significant research and resources in order to satisfy specific requests. I would be more than happy to pay for an update that specifically resolves this problem (i.e. progessive decays a.k.a. frippertronics). Thanks for listening.


As far as I understood the progressive decay is not possible (yet) because of the way each tracks consists of 2 layers, right?
Well here is the idea: How about just ONE layer per track WITH progrssive decay aka FRIPPERTRONICS? Would that be possible? I think everyone who is really hoping for true loop decay could easily live with just one layer per track… So please give us the option: 2 layers, no decay - 1 layer, frippertronics

No it is not so straightforward, the way overdubs behave is central to the core of the Aeros code and how it behaves, there is a high risk that it will not be easy to do this and we may not do it if it will take a very long time to do or break a bunch of things in the process

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Thanks for clarifying. Us Frippertronic-Heads will keep on hoping then :slight_smile:

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The latest firmware came out of beta today and still no true decay function. Very disappointing. One year after I got my unit (never used it once), it is now finally going for sale. My DittoX4 is old and clunky but it’ll stay on my board.

Hey all,

We have a bittersweet set of news

We were able to implement Loop Decay to work exactly as expected, but unfortunately, there is a missing logic that we were not able to finalize that makes it impossible to avoid pops when decay is on while the overdub is also left open (makes decay automatically happen at every loop seam).

We are pretty bummed, but we decided to leave it in the new version so you could try it out anyways and give us feedback

Thanks for your patience, feel free to forward all thoughts to the 5.2.x thread

Read more here:

Even with the new Beta version 5.2 Loop Decay isn’t working as was originally announced long time ago. The point of reference was to make it work like old reel to reel looping aka Frippertronics. Or in modern days the Ditto from TC was mentioned a lot in this form as a reference. Anyway, in no Looper with decay or fade, may it be the ditto, Line6, Ableton Looper or whatever, nor in a real tape to tape solution, there are any issues with volume “glitches” at the loop points. In Aeros this happens always after a few runs when using sounds that have long releases and thus record and playback “over” the looping points.
This is really frustrating.

And besides this issue with the volume jumps at the looping points I hear a very unwelcomed comeback of those ugly audio popping noises. And this happens only when loop decay is on.

Hi there,

please read post above

Ok, sorry for not having read the posts above. I guess i was just too frustrated after having been waiting for so long for this feature to finally work. It’s too bad.
Can I ask one more thing: Have you buried all further endeavors regarding loop decay or are you still considering to find a solution one day? If the answer is yes, please also work on the feature to set the loop decay rate via midi in realtime… Thanks

Hi there,
once again I would like to ask: After your last statement regarding the issues with proper loop decay functionality I got the feeling that you kind of gave up on this. If so please let us know.

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It is my understanding that loop decay should be behaving as expected for Frippertronics although there’s a bug that causes some pops on every overdub and it should be fixed in the next release if I understood correctly one of Brennan’s posts on the subject. In other words, one thing is loop decay behavior and the other thing is any bugs with that behavior. I understand the behavior should be correct now, they just have to fix that bug that they have already admitted is there (which sounds like they will fix it).

Thanks for the answer, but it is not working in a frippertronics way at all. Volume jumps shouldn’t be happening.